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The Cyclops in The Ocean by Nikki Gionanni

No description

Caydance Glenn

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Cyclops in The Ocean by Nikki Gionanni

by Nikki Giovanni The Cyclops in The Ocean About Nikki Giovanni Nikki Giovanni Rhythm and Rhyme Scheme 1. Compares the storm to the cyclops "Moving slowly...against time.. patiently majestic'' (Metaphor) 1. Giovanni is a Civil Rights Activist.

2. She had lung cancer.

3. She now works as an English professor at the University of Virginia. The Cyclops in the Ocean is a free verse poem. Meaning it has no particular pattern or
rhyming, in this case it doesn't rhyme at all. Figurative Language The Cyclops in The Ocean
Moving slowly....against time...patiently majestic...
the cyclops...in the ocean...meets no Ulysses...

Through the night...he sighs...throbbing against the shore...declaring...for the adventure...

A wall of gray...gathered by a slow touch...slash and slither....through the waiting screens...separating into nodules...making my panes..accept the touch...

Not content...to watch my frightened gaze...he clamors beneath the sash...dancing on my sill...

Certain to die...when the sun...returns... Significance of title Giovanni does this to match the title of the poem, to the poem itself, which involves the ocean more than it does an actual cyclops because the poem is really based off a tropical storm. Theme Speaker Tone Title, Theme, Speaker, Tone and Importance to Society. Vocabulary Difficulty Word Choice 1.Patiently-slowly; at your own pace
2.Magestic-seeming almost magical
3.Nodules-small bumps or irregularly rounded lumps
4.Sill-a horizontal beam
5.Declaring-announcing, almost demanding The Cyclops in the Ocean isn't that difficult to understand to me. But some parts in the poem Giovanni really makes you thing about to understand. Giovanni uses some odd word choice. Probably because she wants the reader to think about the poem to understand it. Diction Analysis The tone of this poem is just complete awe, and fear. The speaker of The Cyclops in the Ocean is Nikki Giovanni herself. The theme of the poem is that storms will come but if you endure the storm they will eventually go away. Importance to society The poems importance to society is the effects that storms have on people and the environment. 2."he sighs...throbbing against the shore..declaring...'' (Personification) 3."He clamors beneath the sash...dancing on my sill... (Personification) *.Giovanni personifies a tropical storm in the poem giving it human characteristics, making it seem like a cyclops. So really the entire poem is an example of personification.
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