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Vampires, adaptations and humanized vampires.

Giuliana Cuchmeruk

on 11 September 2012

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Transcript of Vampirism

The origin Vampire or vampyre Bram Stoker (1847-1912) Dracula Nosferatu 1922 Dracula first edition 1879 How vampires changed Vampire´s appearence 1931, Dracula.
* Bèla Lugosi 1992, Bram Stoker´s Dracula Dracula, performed by Gary Oldman Vampires fall in love 1994, Interview with the vampire
* The Vampire Chronicles Vampires in the teenager world 1997, Buffy, the vampire slayer. 1999, Angel. 2000, Shadow of the vampire.
* Willem Dafoe. 1890, The Snake's pass Vlad the Impaler Porphyria "Domesticated" Vampires. (2008-2012), Twilight saga Adaptation Beauty and the Beast Pride and Prejudice Vampires in fiction Vampires in love Series 2008, TRUE BLOOD 2009, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES 2010, SPLIT Vampire's Vocabulary 2009, Daybreakers 2012, Dark Shadows 2012, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter 1819, The Vampyre, novella written by John William Polidori. Vampires from Nosferatu
to Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter Max Schrek Bela Lugosi Christopher Lee Gary Oldman Brad Pitt Willem Dafoe Wesley Snipes Alexander Starsgard Robert Pattinson Stephen Moyer Ian Somerhalder Paul Wesley Ethan Hawke Johnny Depp Benjamin Walker 2011, My Babysitter's a Vampire 1991, TALES OF THE MULTIVERSE,
Batman Vampire. DC Comics. 2005, The Batman vs. Dracula.
Animated movie. BATMAN:Vampire. (comic)
* RED RAIN (1991) *BLOODSTORM (1994) *CRIMSON MIST (1999)
-Written by Doug Moench. Batman:The Brave and the Bold
Season 3, episode 3. 'Shadow of the Bat'.
Vampire Batman vs. the Justice League (1999-2003) Mona, the vampire.
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