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IT for 21st Century Skills Development

This prezi has been created for teachers at the Centro Colombo Americano in Manizales for one of their professional development sessions.

Carolina Rodriguez

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of IT for 21st Century Skills Development

IT for 21st Century Skills Development Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago
CCA Bogota
April 30th, 2010 OBJECTIVES Reach consensus about Tech Use in the ELT Classroom Reflect on our role as teachers for the 21st century Use some Tech Tools that can enhance language Learning Are we ready to take our students there? IT Literacy for the 21st century Students need abilities to use
technology as a tool to access
information and to create! Activity # 1 In pairs, take a close look at the following quotes. Then choose the one which best describes your own views of technology and education and write the reasons why briefly. Be ready to share your insights with the rest of the participants to the session. Activity # 2 Fill out the following mind-map with the person next to you. Try to list as many advantages and disadvantages of Technology use in the ELT Classroom as you can. Feel free to expand the mind-map as you need. They also need a teacher
who is willing to learn! Coffee Break! part one part two Information Literacy Media Literacy ICT Literacy access and
evaluate info use and manage
information analyze media create media products apply tech effectively TOOLS http://poster.4teachers.org http://quizlet.com www.slideshare.net www.voxopop.com http://voicethread.com http://rubistar.4teachers.org STAGES Just like students,
Teachers are also at
different levels of learning Beginners technophobes intermediate advanced NING (social networking( Activity # 4 HANDS-ON ACTIVITY CONCLUSIONS Technology has its pros and
its cons. However, it is worth
using. Every teacher has a different
process in tech management.
Be patient and perseverant! Tech needs to be a
tool, not the core of
your teaching! just like a book
or pen! Give yourself some time to
explore and mess around! Thank you very much!!! good luck with your tech use! Any further questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact
me at crbuitrago@gmail.com or through our social network! Activity # 3 Evaluate the tools you just saw in terms of how easy-to-use they seem and how relevant you think they might be to your classes. Provide any additional comments you may have about them. Be ready to share your insights with the other participants in the session.
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