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Names/Nombres by Julia Alvarez

CJMS 7th Grade Language Arts Qtr 1

Tina Webb

on 19 September 2011

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Transcript of Names/Nombres by Julia Alvarez

Think about a time when someone new joined your class. How did the newcomer try to fit in? If you were in their situation where you were a newcomer how might you try to fit in? Entry Task Vocabulary Chaotic-
Usher- Personal Essay
What is it???? Read Names/Nombres p. 37 Review Homework: Exit Slip:
1. Entry Task
2. Vocabulary
3. Personal Essay Notes
4. Plot Chart
5. Review 1.If you were in Alvarez’s position as a newcomer, do you think you might fit in as well as she did? Explain.
2. Where is the Alvarez family from?
3. Why did Mrs. Alvarez first tell the ladies at the hospital that her oldest daughter’s name was Maureen?
4. Why did Alvarez find it difficult to introduce her relatives to her friends?
5.Why do you think some people permanently change their names when they come to the United States, while others don’t?
6.The Writer’s Style In this essay Alvarez uses humor to deal with otherwise serious topics. Why do you think she does that? How does humor help get her ideas across? For each vocabulary word write the definition
(hint look in the story starting on p. 37)
Write a synonym
Write an antonym Exit Slip:
Names/Nombres Date: Exit Slip #1 Exit Slip #2 Exit Slip #3 Exit Slip #4 Write this down...
A personal essay is a short form of nonfiction that expresses the author's thoughts and feelings on a topic. Often these are told like a story. What happens to Julia Alvarez’s family in the beginning of the story? What was Julia like in high school? How do you know? What does Julia Alvarez tell about her sister Mauricia’s name? Why did Julia’s sister Ana have the easiest time in the United States? How does Julia Alvarez feel about her experiences as an immigrant? Support your answer. Questions: 1,3 & 5 Exit Slip #5
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