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Personality Islands

No description

John Johnson

on 31 January 2017

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Transcript of Personality Islands

Personality Islands
By: John Johnson

AP Psychology- 3rd

29 January 2017
Swim Island
Friendship Island
Family Island
Dog Island
Comedian Island
Awkward Island
Swimming has been apart of my entire life. I began swimming at the age of 5 for the Woodland Hills Wahoos and hated every second of it, but soon I became rather good and was eventually winning MVP for my age group every year. I began to fall in love with the sport and decided to continue my swimming career in high school. I have been on varsity for four years now and will be able to compete at my third state championship in February. One of the things I love the most about swimming is building a bond with the other swimmers on the team inside and outside of the pool. Swimming is the hardest sport in the world and I love being able to push my body every single day. I can't imagine doing any other sport and I am very pleased with how accomplished I have become.
I have had many friends throughout my childhood and have valued all the friends that have crossed my path. My best friends have been Hunter Lang, Christian Cardenas, Sam Golson, and my older brother David. We all started hanging out while we swam on our local swim team and I have made more memories with these four guys than I can count and have cherished every moment with them. All of my funniest memories have come from hanging out with these guys and to this day I still laugh at them. It is sad to see them go off to college and start their new life but I know deep down I will never forget the times I have spent with them.
My family consist of: my father David, my mother Leydi, my oldest brother Giovany, my older sister Katie, my older brother David Jr., and my youngest brother Joey. Everyone in my family has been a huge inspiration on my life. I will never forget the hlidays and vactions we spent together as a family and the memories we made. Although each one of them has annoyed me in one way or another, nothing they did hindered my love and compassion for them. My father and mother have worked their butts off to provide for my family, and for that I am very grateful. All of my older siblings have gone off to college to pursue their dreams and I am honored to followe in their footsteps. I can't imgaine spending my entire life with anyone else.
I am a huge dog person. I have had three dogs throughout my entire life; my poodle, Fluffy, my golden retriever Buddy (Right), and my newest dog/ pit bull mix Blitz (Left). I consider my dogs an extension of my already crowded family. I got my dog Fluffy when I was 4, I got my dog buddy when I was 8, and I got my dog Blitz when I was 15. They are the most caring, loving, and fun dogs in the world, and I love spending time with them. I could spend hours playing fetch or cuddling up with my dogs. It saddens me to see them grow up because they were so adorable as puppies. I know I will miss them more than I can imagine when I go off to college but I know they'll be happy to see me when I come back.
I have always been an awkward kid. I had trouble making friends at first because I was annoyed by all their imperfections and discrepancy's. I would always sit by myself in elementary school because I expected people to sit by me, when in fact they really didn't. i started making more friends in middle school but I was still slightly awkward. I am still to this day awkward around any pretty girl I'm talking to. I tend to mumble, slur my words, smile too much, and say awkward things while around them. I can't explain why it happens, it just does. I've learned to embrace my awkwardness and have made many friends who can be just as awkward as I am. It was hard for me to cope with this at first but as time went on I learned to love this unique aspect of me.
I have always been a comedian of sorts around both my family and friends. I have always been able to make people laugh either through my awkwardness, humor, actions, or jokes. I've always had a good and awkward sense of humor. I am always able to make my friends laugh, even when they are down on themselves. I love being able to make people laugh because I truly believe laughter is the best medicine. My brothers were always able to make me laugh while growing up and I enjoyed the feeling of laughing too hard. Making anybody laugh helps brighten my day and I hope my comedic ways can help people through tough or stressful situations.
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