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Alex Gonzalo

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of NEW AGE MOVEMENT

Background The new age movement is a class by itself unlike other religions it has no holy text, central organization, membership, formal clergy, geographic center, dogma or creed This movement is like any other religion in that they have a bond of followers that all believe in the same ideas and rituals. They meditate and are very spiritual. New age Statistics -8% believe in Astrology
-7% believe that crystals contain healing powers
-9% believe that Tarot Cards can decide your fate
-1 in 4 believe in a non-traditional concept of the nature of God
-11% believe that God is a state of consciousness
-3% believe everyone is God FUN FACT: New Age followers represent 20% of the population and is the 3rd largest religious group Produced By: Alex Gonzalo, Sarah McLaughlin, and Diana Guirguis Other New Age Religions Wicca: Wicca, being the largest of the Neopagan religions, has great reverence for the Earth, their goddesses and their God, the horned God Wicca "religiously" practices old religion (the craft), which is witchcraft. The craft gets its power from nature and is a way of life. Many conservative Christians and others associate Wicca with Satan. Their Mission Statement is:
"To purchase and provide green spaces in cities
where people can worship as they please." Meditation: Meditation dates back 5,000 years. The biggest proponents in the history of meditation is Buddha. Buddha is also known as the biggest meditation icon in both current and past times and has been around since 500 B.C. It took thousands of years for meditation to reach western society and it wasn't till the mid 20th century when it finally started to gain popularity in the west. Fun Fact: the word meditation comes from the Latin worn "meditatum" which means "to ponder" Uses of Meditation: It helps people achieve balance, mentally, physically and emotionally. It can be used to treat depression, stress and anxiety. It can even be used to help people quit smoking and can help put a stop to alcohol addictions. Church's Response: The Catholic church's response, believes that we should be watchful of the other false religions that are forming around us and to teach the truth. For example, in (Romans 3:23) it says, "Man is not divine, yet he is a sinner." Also in (Jeremiah 17:9) it says that, "He is deceitful and desperately sick." "The Church has forbidden embracing theosophic philosophies and practices. Because the New Age movement is a theosophic movement, participation in the movement is an act of disobedience to the Church." Theosophic = internal belief in God Discussion questions: Sources: http://carm.org/new-age-biblical-responses http://www.victorious.org/newage.htm http://www.religioustolerance.org/newage.htm http://www.wicca.org/ http://www.news-medical.net/health/Meditation-History.aspx Common Beliefs:
1. You can create your own destiny and reality
2. We can heal our society , ourselves and the world
3. There is more to life than meets the eye
4. We are multidimensional humans currently having a human experience

What New Age beliefs do you agree or disagree with and why? Do you believe that New Age is a type of religion or is it a state of mind? http://www.salemctr.com/newage/center1.html
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