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Jessica Taxis

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Timeline

World War Two Visual Time Line SS Athenia is torpedoed by a German submarine off
the coast of the Hebrides. SS Athenia was Britain's first
ship to be sunk by Nazi Germany. This is the day Britain declares war. 1,400 people are sent off, 200 are Canadians. This is the SS Athenia before it sunk. The SS Athenia was a
13, 580 ton ship. Time line 1939 1945 September 3rd September 10th Canada declares war. Minister of justice Ernest Lapointe says war will protect Canada from Nazism and comminis. However MP Maxime Raymond say's the French Canadians are only joining the war to protect themselves. They weren't joining to help the war in Europe. Minister of Justice Ernest Lapointe Quebec MP Maxime Raymond September 16th The first Canadian convoy sails to Britain. The first Canadian convoy sailed from Halifax of September 16th. Once they were well into sea they abandoned ship to British Cruisers. British cruiser. Canadian convoy. 1940 April 9th 1939 C.D. Howe lead the department of Munitions and Supply to help the war production. He turned Canada into an "arsenal of democracy." He mobilized Canada during the war. C.D. Howe June 12th First Brigade of the Canadians 1st Division land in Brittany to stop the German invasion.
6 days later they retreat back to Britain having lost 1 man and capturing 1 prisoner. August 18 Prime Minister Kin and U.S. President Roosevelt, sign the Ogdensburg Agreement. This allows the shipment of arms to Canada without effecting the neutral stance. 1940 Prime Minister Kin U.S. President Roosevelt 1941 November 1941 Two Canadian regiments are sent to reinforce the garrison in Hong Kong. 290 men were killed including the canadian commander Brigadier J.K Lawson. J.K Lawson December 7th Canada declares war on Japan after surprise attacks on Hong Kong. December 25th The japanese take 10,000 allied troops and 1,685 of them were Canadians, 260 of them die while being captive. 1942 1943 1944 1942 August 19th A disaster strikes Canadian troops with the assault on Dieppe: 3,900 actually land 993 killed 1,874 taken prisoner September 30th Call up age for military training lowered from 21 years to 19 adding 135,000 more men to the list that can join the army. 1943 July 10th Canadians part of the British 8th Army invade Sicily. December 28 Canadians free Ortona. 1944 January 15th Canadian troops receive first copies of the Maple Leaf, which was the regular paper published by the Canadian army. May 23rd 1st Candian division breaches Hitler line in Italy.
Fighting gets so confusing that Germans capture Canadians and take them to territory that the Canadians have already captured. Then the Germans get captured and the captured Candians are freed. June 6th D-Day: British, American, Canadian and French invade Normandy. 1945 May 7th Germany surrenders. Hilter kills himself in an underground bunker.The war is over. The Maple Leaf newspaper has a single word headline, KAPUT! August 14th Japan surrenders Without Canada in the war the war in Europe would have stretched out even longer. Who knows, if Canada didn't get involved or Europe didn't do anything about it Germany could have ruled the world to this day. This small video explains some of Canada's role in the war. It cuts off in the end because there's 4 parts but I thought just the 1 was enough.
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