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Occupation Research

No description

luke Mills

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of Occupation Research

Occupation Research
Video Game Designers
What do They Do?
Video Game Designers help design and create the core features of video games. They create Mechanics, write stories, and create detailed documentation.
Work Environment
VG designers work indoors. They work at desks on their computers and have a very low chance of an on the job accident.
Interesting Facts
One interesting Fact I discovered is that Psychology is a required skill. Persuasion is also another important skill. This field is also listed as an Artistic and Enterprising Interest.
Most jobs in this field require a Bachelors degree and Experience. Some jobs require an Associates degree or little to no school.
In 2015, A Video Game Designer made roughly $40.98 an hour and roughly $85,240 a year. Note: many of these jobs are NOT in the state of Alabama, Most are in states like Cali, or Maryland
VG design is a growing field, although the growth is slow. A Mere 2-4% growth is occurring and a projected 37,000 New jobs are going to be open in this field in the next few years.
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