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No description

C Meyer

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Characterization

The Art of Revealing

A person, animal or imaginary creature in a work of fiction.
What is it?
the process of conveying information about characters
may be presented by means of description, through actions, speech, or thoughts
Why use it?
authors use different types of characters to tell their stories
different types of characters fulfill different roles
the character whose life we're most concerned with or whose inner life we're given access to
often opposed by an antagonist of some sort, who keeps our main character in conflict until he triumphs over it. Or not
the villain or nasty character in the novel that you root against
the person who stands in the way of the protagonist
character whose main purpose is to offer a contrast to another character, usually the protagonist
Foils set off and accentuate the main character
everything the foil is, the protagonist is not
Round Character
has many traits, both good and bad
realistic and life-like
most major characters are round
Flat Character
not well-developed
does not have many traits
we only see their bad side
Dynamic Character
Static Character
changes over time, usually as a result of resolving the conflict
tends to be central rather than minor characters, because resolving the conflict involves the protagonist
does not change over time; his or her personality does not transform or evolve
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