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Our Town

No description

Julia P

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Our Town

Our Town In Numbers
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Step 3
The great curiosity of our city is that the most frequently chosen names for their children are: Olivia, Victoria, Susan, Julia, Casper, James, Philip, Bartosz. Often chosen are the original names, among others. Naomi, Tymon, Lars, Marica. As to the age of life, there are people who live even more than 100 years, which makes us very happy. In 2009, there were 1 Mr. and Mrs. designed 100 years and 1 Mr living 101 years.
Golub-Dobrzyn is located in the north-eatern part of the Kujawy and Pomorze Province, 181 km north-west from Warsaw.

In my town last year finalized 140 weddings.
In this 50 marriages (about 4 pairs more than in 2011), is provided by the clerk of the registry office, and the remaining 90 are religious weddings (up to 11 pairs more than in 2011). The oldest person taking wedding was 71 old. In our city recorded 37 divorces is about 3 divorces more than in the previous year. But for a 7 pairs were honored with medals for long married life established by the President. Among the confreres one of the pair celebrated its diamond jubilee, or 60th anniversary
The most popular work in Golub -Dobrzyn
*Teacher (in my school)
*Office worker
The number of births
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