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American Sign Language

No description

Maggie Samson

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of American Sign Language

American Sign Language
Narrows in on the Special Education Emphasis
Deaf Education/Special Education (4 years)
Specialized focuses within deaf education
Fontbonne is the only school in St. Louis that offers Deaf Education
Communication Disorders Degree with a teaching certificate
symptoms, diagnoses, treatment & prevention of disorders that affect hearing,language & speech
My Journey
Studied Special Education at Mizzou. Then switched
my major to Leisure Management.
Elementary Education
I will get my Bachelors in Elementary Education with an Emphasis in Special Education.
Why ASL?
Class at Mizzou
"Switched at Birth"

Where would I get a job?
Schools specifically for Deaf/Hard of Hearing children
Public Schools
Institutes that offer programs for children who are Deaf
On average, ASL interpreters make $39,000 annually
Special Education Teachers makes $53,220 annually
Job Growth
ASL interprter - 42% increase from 2010-2020
Special Education - 17% increase from 2010-2020
My plan
Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education
Deaf Communication Studies Certificate
Deaf Communications Studies:ASL
Certificate of Specialization (24 credit hours)
Through St. Louis Community College Florrisant Valley
learn to communicate effectively with people who are deaf
Why ASL is important
Can teach my classes ASL
teaching toddlers sign language has many benefits
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