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french horn rock!!!!!

well i play french horn and i personally LOVE the horn and now i gonna share its greatness and awesomeness with yall!!!

Haley Freymann

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of french horn rock!!!!!

The French Horn!!! The french horn is NOT french yall it is GERMAN!!! Holton H 179 this is the horn I play:) Mr Phillip Farkas
1914-1992 Love the horn Mr Farkas!! Ok sooo why do you put your hand in the bell of the horn? Because then you can tune your french horn WHILE playing! how cool is that? Gold? OR silver? Well I prefer the silver because it gives the french horn a richer sound while the gold is more ummm lets say HERIOC! mr farkas created his own line of awesome french horns! the horn i use is a silver H 179 farkas edition worth 5250 whopping dollars!!!! mr farkas was the lead hornist of chicago symphony My AWESOME tutor mr dickow Great amazing horn player that is super cool and funny! well thanks for watching my name is haley freymann signing off and i gotta say this play french horn!!!! GO GATORS!!!!! Bye.. :)
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