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The Piano Lesson

No description

Angela Salazar

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of The Piano Lesson

Time and Setting: early 30's in Pittsburgh.
It's about these two older siblings named Boy Wille and Berniece fight over a 137 old piano. Boy Willie is trying to sell the piano to gain a part money to buy land that his family for many generations use to work on. Berniece on the other hand does not want to sell it. He would need to take thorough her cold dead fingers. The arguing and fighting for the piano continues on through out the whole play with others characters(Doaker, Lymon, and Etc) try to help the siblings, yet the supernatural soon gets involved.
1st: Boy Willie, Doaker, and Berniece are all related.
2nd: The history behind the piano.
Inciting Incident:
Boy Willie tells Berniece he want to sell the piano
Rising Action:

Boy Willie try to take the piano.
Keeps annoying Sutter's Ghost.
: Boy Willie and Berniece defeat Sutter's Ghost.
Falling Action
: Boy Willie decides to leave and not take the piano.
: The piano is still at the house. Boy Willie and Berniece are changed.
Memory and The Past:
That you should remember your past, but keep moving forward.
Boy Willie need to remember his history.
Berniece need to let go of the rocks.
The use of nigger show time/place.
Shows their personality
Boy Willie is more talk than action.

Songs through out play
Each song reflects that mood of the scene.
Their history shows a lot of hymns and songs when their working on the fields.
Piano playing the Blues

Lymon: Great friend of Boy Willie. He is the calm to Willie "straightforwardness".
He is the outsider of the play. Womanizer to Looking for his dream girl.

Wining boy- He comes to the Doaker house hold only when he is broken. Is a well know piano player, but it's now getting old. Has dealt with losing others(Cleotha). Seen as comedic relief, yet there is more to him.
Theatrical Moments:
1. Act 2 Scene 5: When Berniece and Boy Willie Last Fight
Boy Willie and Berniece tell how they really feel.(Theme is seen here)
2. Act 2 Scene 5: Sutter's Ghost is Attacking Boy Willie
That the ghost is real.
Boy Willie- overalls(Light jean) ,button up shirt(light tan/Sleeves rolled up) , paper boy hat(Brown/a bit torn)
Lymon- Green pants with matching supenders, shirt(light tan).
Berniece- Short sleeves dress(Light blue), Black Shoes.
in the early 30's
Lighting is big
Light behind the piano
Fabric Wall
Focus on songs.
Wall paper Light Yellow with Designs.
A little women's touch.
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