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The Art of

No description

Eric Anderson

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of The Art of

The Art of
the Image

Moving Image
• How does the principle of the moving image work?
• What are the major steps in the evolution of film, and who are the major film pioneers that helped that evolution?
• What is the difference between film and video art?
• What is your favorite film why is it your favorite? What techniques does your film use in its filming?

We take the camera for granted.
Graphic Arts
• What are the main categories of Graphic Design?
• How has Graphic Design changed over the years?
• What is Good Design ?

How has photography, the cinema, and graphic design impacted our daily lives?

Think About how you interact with:
How Many people know how a camera works?
How Many people know how a camera works?
How does the principle of photography work?

What effect did photography have on other mediums?

What are some important facts to remember from the chapter?

What is the relationship these mediums have with each other?

How has each one of these media examples changed over time?

Is it a TOOL or ART
compare and contrast the two photos
Camera Obscura
Alfred Stieglitz
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Social Change
Jacob Riis
Ansel Adams
Persistence of Vision
Edweard Muybridge
D.W. Griffith
Long shot
close up
fade in and out
Sergei Eisenstein
Adolpe Jean-Marie Noreau
What is being sold?
What is Graphic Design?
Good Design - is where form and function work together in a way that makes for a positive out come, i.e. solves a problem.

Graphic Design
Interactive Design
Motion Graphics
Product Design
Textile Design
Fashion design
Interior Design
Architectural Design
Environmental Design

Graphic Design
Logos - Typography - Posters and other Graphics
Creative process of working with words and pictures, art and technology to enhance visual communication and to sell or convey a product or message.

Disciplines of Design
Image is everything
Logos – are an identifying mark or trademark based on letter forms combined with pictorial elements.
Change with the times to reflect different in cultural climates, set of goals, or management.

What is Typography?
The art and technique of composing printed material from letter forms ( typefaces of fonts)
Good Design is Powerful Design!
Posters and Other Graphics
Interactive Design
Motion Graphics
Product design
Bill Viola
Matthew Barney
Art vs. Documentation
Learn More
Learn More
What Do you Think?
"A new way of Seeing!"
photography was a medium as capable of artistic expression as painting or sculpture.
Learn More
Learn More
"Finding connection with humanity..."
"Crush tradition! Photograph things as they are!"
Margaret Bourke-White
American photographers and documentary photographers
Photo essay
Georges Melies
D.W. Griffith
Early Years of Cinema
Sergei Eisenstein
Arts and the Cinema
1900 - 1930
Georges Melies
Dissolve between scenes
Time-Lapes Photography
Salvador Dali
Film as a collective dream
1940 - 1970
Edgar G. Ulmer
Film Noir - Dark and brooding films the dealt with murder and crime.
Walt Disney
Orson Wells
Dramatic lighting that communicates feelings, distorted lenses, dialog that bridges breaks, and clever editing to show passage of time.
Animation and cinema
making characters who appeared to be thinking and feeling.
Kenneth Anger
Influenced many of today best directors such as Spielberg and Scorsese.
Other Important films :
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