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Nagios - Gestionando el Caos. CESGA XGN14

No description

Alejandro Feijóo

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Nagios - Gestionando el Caos. CESGA XGN14

Nagios, gestionando el caos CESGA Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia and only... 4 Systems Technicians Nagios. Why Nagios? Basically... is extremely simple! Quick easy pluging A friend say: "Porque es la repanocha" Finisterrae and SVG

Cloud Computing with OpenNebula

About 300 nodes

More than 2000 HardDisks

More than 85Km of interconnect cable need to minimize and prevent problems User: Send job to Finisterrae
JOB: after XX time job fail
User: review and possible patch
User: Send Again
JOB: Fail again

Finally problem was infiniband card And... Its TRUE!! Install and configure

Default plugins

Easy to program Golden key Simple output exits codes Coded CESGA and Nagios, true love story 283 host
3106 services
Time Frame 1hour basics checks CESGA Checks Check L15 Chillers Check CESGA Hardware Check Temperature How transmit checks? Thats all folks! if you're shy, you can use: alfeijoo@cesga.es Time to ask ;-)
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