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Finding Nemo

No description

Nadeem Ramadan

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo The Seven Archetypes The Hero Marlin Marlin goes to Sydney to save
Nemo after traveling the sea The Mentor Dory Dory sticks with Marlin
throughout his entire journey Gill Gill helps Nemo gain
confidence, and helps him live
on his own The Threshold Guardian Sharks Bruce, Anchor, and Chum slow down Marlin and Dory, but when Bruce smells blood he ends up leading Marlin and Dory to the goggles The Herald Crush Crush shows Marlin how to
be a better dad The Divers capture Nemo to start the adventure, after Nemo touched the "butt" The Divers The Shape Shifter Angler Fish The Angler lures Dory and
Marlin, and starts trying to eat
them, Dory and Marlin
find the mask thanks to the
light, he holds the key to saving
Nemo Gill Gill at first seems selfish, but comes through in the end and sacrificed himself for Nemo to escape Moonfish The Moonfish play games
and tease Marlin, but after
Dory intervenes, the fish
show them the way The Shadow Darla Darla is the devil figure, that is ultimately supposed to kill Nemo, she kills all the fish that she is given by shaking the bag The Tricksters Sharks Bruce, Anchor, and Chum defy common belief by being very friendly, at first they seem scary and will doom Marlin and Dory, but they befriend them The Twelve Stages of the Journey Ordinary World Marlin and Coral are admiring
the view until Coral is eaten
protecting her eggs, one
survives that becomes Nemo Call to Adventure Nemo goes to school and Marlin finds out they are going to the drop off he chases Nemo, Nemo touches the "butt" and is abducted by divers Refusal of the Call Marlin is afraid of the open sea and is in denial that his son was abducted Meeting the Mentor Shortly after Nemo was kidnapped Marlin runs into Dory, Marlin asks her if she has seen a boat and begins to show him the way, Dory forgets what she's doing, eventually they get on the same page and set off for adventure Crossing the Threshold Marlin is in the open, a place he hasn't been since Coral's death Tests, Allies, Enemies The Whale forces Marlin to trust Dory and it pays off
When Marlin and Dory get trapped in the jellyfish, Marlin goes back to save her
When they find the mask, Marlin Dory use teamwork, to read it, Marlin controls the light and Dory reads

When Dory understands what is happening she becomes a friend Crush who teaches Marlin to relax and let Nemo do things on his own
The sharks seem to be enemies at first but we find out that they are friends
Nigel takes Marlin to Nemo
Gil, Bloat, Gurgle, Peach, Deb/Flo, Bubbles, and Jacques befriend Nemo in the fish tank

Darla is the enemy, she kills the fish that are given to her by shaking the bag Approach to the Inmost Cave Marlin and Dory go over the trench and run into a large group of jellyfish, they race out, Marlin gets out successfully but Dory is stung, they wake up on the EAC with turtles
Marlin and Dory are in the Whale and Marlin has to trust Dory to let go of the tongue, his journey seems over until they land in Sydney Ordeal Nigel takes Marlin and Dory to the dentist, they see Nemo trying to escape and fake his death, the three of them think that he's dead, and Nigel puts them back in the ocean Reward Marlin tells Dory to leave, Dory finds Nemo and they both search for Marlin, Marlin and Nemo are reunited The Road Back Marlin tells Nemo that he is sorry for not believing in him, Marlin, Dory, and Nemo are swimming back, Dory gets caught in a net with a school of fish and Nemo goes in to save her and the rest of the fish Resurrection Nemo goes in and tells the fish to swim down, after a successful escape, Nemo is left laying in the ripped net Return Marlin applies everything he has learned on the journey, Dory is friends with Bruce and the Sharks, Squirt and Nemo are friends, and Marlin tells his infamous sea cucumber and mollusk joke
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