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GSU's Digital Asset Library

An introduction and overview of GSU's new Piction digital asset management system.

Eric Reber

on 9 March 2015

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Transcript of GSU's Digital Asset Library

The Digital Asset Library
There is an expandable folder system for navigation and browsing
Clicking on the title of the folder will display the contents of all sub-folders
Clicking on the "+" will open this folder so sub-categories can be seen
Please use Firefox as your browser when using the Digital Asset Library.
Clicking on the titles of subcategories will limit the thumbnails to only the selected folder.
But, I have specific needs and no time for browsing!
Okay then, let's talk about the search functions.
In the upper left hand corner to the right of the GSU logo is a simple search field.
We are looking for images of our beloved Pounce!
We need to narrow these results!
To the right of the simple search field is a link for "Advanced Search". Click this!
In the pop-up window you will see the Advanced Search tool.
The left-hand drop down menus allow you to choose the criteria you would like to search within
Here you will have search criteria options such as: file name, keyword, description, date, color profile, creator, creator email, camera model, and job identifier
These correspond with the different descriptive metadata fields on the right side of the interface.
The "-" and "+" signs allow you to add more of these criteria fields for more refined and narrow search results.
Light Boxes and Collaboration
Click on the word "LightBox"to view existing light boxes.
Here you can title your new light box.
Use control(PC)/command(Mac) + click to select multiple users to share the light box with.
Click on the folder with the "+" to create a new light box.
Select your newly created lightbox
It should appear here
This area is your lightbox.
Logging in
Interface Configurations
Navigation and searching
Light boxes
This training Prezi will cover:
The lightbox function allows you to create your own collections of images from the Digital Asset Library
Lightboxes are an excellent means of pulling together images for projects to share with colleagues
Simply drag and drop images into the Light Box bar to populate your collection.
Click on the email tab!
Click "Send" and your colleague will receive an email with links to these images.
When you share lightboxes, your lightbox automatically appears in the lightbox menus of the people you shared it with when they log into their Digital Asset Library accounts.
You have 4 interface configuration options.
1. Default View: includes thumbnails, lightboxes, categories, and metadata (asset information)
2. Thumbnails only
3. Thumbnails and lightbox
4. Thumbnails and categories
You can make the thumbnails larger by using the Thumbnail Slider.
This concludes your Digital Asset Library orientation.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
Eric Reber
Digital Assets Archivist
PR and Marketing Communications
Asset Level Functions
Information specific to each asset is displayed in the metadata column.
By clicking on any of the keywords associated with the image, the system will look for related images.
Note the three tiny icons below the thumbnail image. We are only concerned with the first two.
The center icon is the magnification tool.
This will pull up
a pop-up window
with a larger vesion
of the image with its
associated information
on the right.
The icon on the left is the download tool. Click on this icon to download a single image.
You can choose to open
the asset in a particular
application or simply save
it in your download folder.
To view your lightbox in the center, simply click on the box with the ">" next to the lightbox's name in the menu.
You have download options for web, Word/PowerPoint, and print.
To see this Prezi clearly click on "more" below and choose "Fullscreen."
To advance the Prezi slides or return to a previous one, first click on the ">" below and then you can simply use your arrow keys.
The Digital Asset Library
Is the repository for digital assets created by PR and Communications Marketing
Currently the DAL houses Photography, Video, and logos for the GSU community.

You can adjust thumbnail sizes to ease viewing.
The Digital Asset Library is located at:
When logging in, please use your Campus ID and password. Your Campus ID is the first part of your email address.
Campus ID: ereber
If you forget your password you can retrieve it here:
Logging In
You can see that after clicking "Basketball" we are only seeing the images in that folder.
To email a lightbox click on the wrench to the right of the the lightbox's title
This would also be the means by which you would share with entities outside of GSU who do not have access to the DAL
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