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Mental Disabled Human Rights Oppression

No description

Hayley Flowers

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Mental Disabled Human Rights Oppression

"Ok. Now When we go in to see the boss what you gonna do?"
..."I ain't gonna say nothin'. Jus' gonna stan' there." Mental Disability Human Rights Oppression George tells this to Lennie before they go to work. This quote removes Lennie's right to talk which is a human right. George says this so Lennie is not discriminated against at the ranch but he inadvertently is discriminating against Lennie himself. "'Course he ain't mean. But he gets in trouble alla time because he's so God damn dumb..." This is George's prelude to the story of what happened in weed. George is again just speaking the truth but he is using terms that are not excepted when you discribe someone with a mental disability. "Want me ta tell ya what'll happen? They'll take ya to the booby hatch. They'll tie ya up with a collar, like a dog." This quote is from when Lennie and Crooks are talking when everyone else is in town. Crooks is trying to tell Lennie of where he would be if he didn't have George to look after him. The booby hatch is the insane asylum and back then they did not treat the patients very well at all. In the months of June, August, September, and October of 1976 a female resident was placed in physical restraints for 2692 hours and 30 minutes out of 2880 hours. This was implimented because the resisdent was self-destructive she blinded herself. Though this was a self-destructive patient this action was not the appropriate action to contain this patient.(Halderman vs. Pennhurst State School) Pennhurst State School and Hospital Another indiscretion that Pennhurst was known for was confining patients to cribs without the ability to walk. They did this because they just did not want to lay out mattresses on the floor so they could learn to walk. The Nazi persecution of the mentally and physically disabled started with forced sterilizations. They did this to insure that mental disability would not spread and keep the aryan race strong. Hitler had 300,000 to 400,000 people sterilized under the "sterilization law." Most of these sterilizations led to the death of many people mostly women from complications Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring The Nazi also used euthanasia killings to rid the aryan race of the disabled. Though sterilization was a law this was something Hitler did on the "down low." He played it off that he was clearing beds for the war but was actually trying to make the aryan race better. This is removing the ultimate human right the right to live. Nazi Germany's Treatment of the Disabled Dumb, Idiot, Mentally Retarded, Retarded, Morons, and Imbeciles these are all names used to discribe someone with a mental disablitiy and all of them are offensive to somepeople. Though we do not realize this these words a part of our vocabulary and are in breach of human rights. By calling people these names it puts them below you and that is an issue of equality which human rights is all about. THE END!
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