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DC solar powered rocket shoes-project

By Hayleigh, Shawn, and Katarina

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Transcript of DC solar powered rocket shoes-project

What do you get when you add
DC shoes and solar powered
rockets???? + + = Awesome DC shoe Small rocket Mini Solar Panel This is about the BEST
shoe you could ever buy!!! Who
wouldn't want a
shoe with rockets on it??!! This amazing shoe is being sold for only...
$34.99!!!! But hurry it's a LIMITED TIME
OFFER!!! So buy soon, or they'll all be gone!!
And just to throw in another amazing thing, when
you buy DC-Eco you'll get a FREE pair of unique
colourful laces! DC -Eco Such a low price for such an awesome thing! Now you can be the center of attention! EVERYONE WILL WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND WITH THESE NEW SHOES! ------------> IF you want to be faster, cooler, more awesome, and have more friends, buy these shoes!!! <---------- THIS GIRL JUST SAW THE PRICE ON THESE NEW SHOES!! Just about the best shoes ever!!! Regular DC shoe Solar powered rocket DC-Eco shoe umm.. I think it's obvious which one's better! :) So buy DC-ECo! nOTHING cAN bE tOO eco
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