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Esli M

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of Advent

What is Advent?
Advent is a period of preparation for the coming of Christ into our life. This event takes place 4 weeks before Christmas.
The word Advent comes from the Latin word Adventus, meaning "coming". This word refers to the birth of Jesus. Traditionally, in order to prepare ourselves for the birth of our Savior we must first fast and then feast on Christmas day.
Symbols and signs of Advent
Advent has many wonderful symbols and signs, such as Advent wreaths, violet and pink candles, The Jesse Tree, and the lighting of the candles.
The Advent wreath is a tradition in the Catholic church. The Advent wreath signifies continuous life, and hope. The Laurel, also known as the shrubs that make up the wreath, signify victory over prosecution and suffering. The shape of the wreath, a circle, means everlasting life with Christ and his eternal love for us.
Advent wreath
The 4 candles in the Advent wreath represent the 4 weeks of Advent. The story behind the 4 candles is that each candle equals one thousand years. When all the candles are added their sum is 4,000, which represents the total amount of years from the start of Adam and Eve until the birth of our savior.
The Advent wreath contains 4 candles, 3 violet and 1 rosy pink. The purple candles represent prayer, penance and sacrifice. The rosy pink candle, which is lit on the third Sunday, represents rejoice and joy. The act of lighting the candles signify the hope and anticipation towards the Lords coming to this world. A prayer is said each time a candle is lit.
The Jesse Tree
The Jesse Tree is either a sapling or a branch. These "Trees" are decorated with many symbols that reflect the purpose and promises of the creation and birth of Jesus.
Each ornament represents some of the most important stories from the old testament along with a short scripture from the same story.
Story of Advent
Bible passages
For the start of Advent we read the beginning of the book of Isaiah. The prophets speak about the coming of God, they warn the people of Israel to prepare for repentance for the coming of God's son.
In these passages we also find the story of Mary conceiving a child from the Holy Spirit being foretold.
Isaiah 7:14 "Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign: Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel."
Importance of Advent
Advent is a time of looking forward and waiting for something great, like the birth of Jesus. Because of the son of God we were saved and taught about how life can be and should be. He gave us another chance in life which is why we must celebrate the coming of Jesus through Advent.
The exact story behind Advent is not fully known. Many believe that Advent used to be a time of preparation for the Epiphany, on this day many converts were baptized.
Prayers and songs
Many songs and prayers used during Advent praise the coming of Jesus and expresses deep thanks for saving us by giving up his life. Many songs used are o come Emmanuel, Encircle this wreath, and Here I am o Lord.
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