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the chrysalids

No description

saki la

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of the chrysalids

John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon Harris
Born in 1903 in England
Wrote science fiction stories
The Chrysalids was published in 1955
Main Characters
In future after nuclear war
Village called Waknuk-where they live in an agricultural society with no technology
Fringes- the area beyond Waknuk where all the "deviations" are sent
Badlands- an area beyond Fringes and there are still radioactive materials so people who go there will die
Sealand- a hi-tech advanced society where everyone communicates telepathically
Social setting:
Belief: "The Repentances" and the Bible
Serious and tense
John Wyndham
The Chrysalids
By John Wyndham
Angela Chan
Movie Trailer
Rising Action
Falling Action
It is in a religious village called Waknuk in future after nuclear war; however, it's environment seems like 18s century America.
Main character David has a dream of a place he does not know.
David meets a girl called Sophie. She is a girl with six toes and David does not think there is anything wrong with that.
David and the other children discover their telepathic power which they can send mind-shapes.
Every deviation in the village would be banned to another place called Fringes.
After a few days, David hears from his father that people who are not made in "The True Image of God" are considered to be a "blasphemy" against God, so Sophie is put into this category because of her six toes. David continues to meet up with Sophie, but one day, a boy called Alan discovers them and he reports the sixth toe to Joseph Strorm(David's father). Sophie's family escapes to the Fringes.
David discovers his power, which is that he can communicate using mind-shapes to people like him(Rosalind, Michael, Rachel, Anne, Katherine, Sally and Mark). After her sister Petra is born, he also discovers that she has this power and it is even more powerful then the rest of the group.
The government in Waknuk eventually captures Katherine and Sally. They are tortured so they have to tell them about their power. David, Rosalind, and Petra escape to the Fringes. Petra communicates using mind shapes with a new friend in a faraway place called "Sealand". They get to Fringes, and Joseph and the government are chasing them.
Person vs Person
Person vs Society
Person vs Self
Sealand woman comes out of the aircraft and saves David, Petra, and Rosalind and takes them to Sealand.
Michael and Rachel are left behind.
All the others died.
They go to Sealand and start a new life and learn more about their power.
Happy and indeterminate ending because the author did not explain what happen after they get to Sealand.
Battle between Waknuk people and Fringes people at the Fringes.
David, Rosalind, Petra, and Michael are hiding in the cave for Sealand women to save them while the battle is happening.
Gordon(Fringe people's leader and Joseph Strorm's brother) kills Joseph but he and Sophie are killed by other Waknuk people.
Suddenly, the Sealand women's aircraft comes and sprays the white substance all over everybody who is fighting can not move.
David Strorm
One of the eight people
Positive qualities
Negative quality
David's little sister
She can also send mind-shapes and even more powerful then David and others.
One of the eight
David's girlfriend
The Eight
They can send mind-shapes to each other
Joseph Strorm
David's father
Head priest of their village
He tries to kill his own two children
He thinks Waknuk religion is a correct belief.
Joseph Strorm's brother, the spider man
Banned to the Fringes because of his long hands and legs
Uncle Axel
Supports and listens to David
Did not think David as a deviation instead, he thinks of him as a new kind of being
Protects David and keeps the mind-reading power as a secret for him
Smartest person in the eight
Leading the group
helped David and others to escape
David and his father Joseph

When David,Petra and Rosalind escape from the village, he brings a lot of people and tries to kill his own children. He can not stand that they do not follow his beliefs.
David and the religion of Waknuk

David is a deviation and a blasphemy from the perspective of the people who believe in the Waknuk religion.
David and himself

He struggles with the decision to escape Waknuk or not because it means leaving his family and the familiar environment.
When people have a strong religious bias, it will lead to a world with strict rules so there will be no freedom for everyone, and those who are a little different will be judged, but in fact those might be special.

Text to world
Text to self
Personal Evaluation
LIKE ???
LOVE !!!!
I like to learn about topics related to religion because I'm a Christian and I'm interested in how the beliefs in Waknuk are so strange and extreme.
The concept of deviations in their religion is interesting comparing to the Christianity I believe in
The book told from the point of view of someone about my age, so I can relate to the way he and his friends think
The book is action packed!
The concept of how Sealand is their only hope is interesting for me.
In the story Sealand represents
to them.
In Waknuk they live in fear because they might be discovered.
David will never get what his father was thinking whereas in Sealand people can send mind-shapes to everyone.
In Waknuk they will never get any information about their power so Sealand is a place where experienced mind speakers can live.
Writing style:
Complicated and Dense
Writing length
The book is quite long, but the end makes it worth it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
200 pages
Writing pace:
Medium to fast paced
A short passage
"The Definition of Man recited itself in my head: '.....and each leg shall be jointed twice and have one foot, and each foot five toes, and each toe shall end with a flat nail...' And so on, until finally:
'And any creature that shall seem to be human, but is not formed thus is not human. It is neither man, nor woman. It is a blasphemy against the True Image of God, and hateful in the sight of God.”

pg. 13
I think it is an interesting passage because I'm a Christian too, but I did not think about humans that way.
Blasphemy: n. P.13
Something that is disrespectful to God or a religion
ISIS thinks any picture of Allah is blasphemy.
Surreptitiously: adv. P152
Actions done secretly
I stole my sister's phone surreptitiously.
Presumably: adv. P160
Guess ; probably
Presumably, my teacher has finished marking our test.
Culminated: v. P 79
An event happens at the end
We had a competition and it culminated in my victory.
Restraint : n. P82
Limit, strict
School work puts restraints on my time.
At the beginning of the story David's power is considered to be a "deviation", but at the end it is a advantage since he and his friends can be a part of the new society in Sealand.
In Waknuk religion, they think everyone except for the deviations are perfect. At my church, my pastor once told me that everyone except for God is not perfect and God is the only perfection. He also says that everyone is sinful. These phrases touched my heart because everyone is different we can not judge people, and that is completely different from the religion of Waknuk.
Everyone in Waknuk has to follow strict religious rules and they take them too seriously. If a person is judged to be abnormal, then they will banish that person to the Fringes.Joseph wants to kill Sophie and his own son because they are blasphemies which are not perfect. It relates to our world today since the terrorist group ISIS is also a religious group and they kill people who do not share their beliefs or do things they consider to be blasphemy.
Other Comments
Deviation: n.
Something that is not considered to be normal
There is a genetic deviation in one of the baby rabbits.
Contemptuously: adv. P.44
Something or someone you do not like or you do not respect
The king treated the servant contemptuously.
Adequately: adj. P.32
Good enough to be accepted
The pants fit him adequately.
Hatred: n. P34
Hate someone or something
I felt hatred towards my friend after she betrayed me.
Contemplate: v. P.145
Think about something carefully for a long time
I spend sometime contemplating a decision before I act.
Ranking and Recommendation
I think this is an excellent book, and it made me realize how important religion is to any society.
What do you guys think about the religion of Waknuk compare to the religions we now have today??
If our world had the religion of Waknuk what would you run away like David?? why? or why not?
Do you think the religion of Waknuk is fair???
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