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Is Our Society Becoming Dystopian?

Characteristics of Dystopian society.

Rose Wilding

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Is Our Society Becoming Dystopian?

Information and Independent
Thought Restricted The government of the United States of America can choose what information is given out to the citizens, and what is kept from them. This video represents the many happenings of war that are kept secret from the American people. This is like the dystopian characteristic, "Information and Independent Thought Restricted", because it shows how people are not given the whole truth, and therefore cannot think and act to their whole potential in favor of our country. Citizens Fear Outside World Is Our Society
Becoming Dystopian? Government
Society Individuality The two main parties of the United States are an example of how citizens conform and shun individuality. The photograph creates the idea that a person can choose to be a democrat or a republican with no in between. People get the idea that voting is like that today, where you vote democrat or republican, or your vote doesn't really count. This particular photograph is a good example of this, because it makes it seem like there isn't any middle choice - citizens must conform and choose one side, and those who don't are often shunned or considered less significant. Health Care today can be compared to the dystopian characteristic of a government controlled society. In the past, a person could get sick and then pay to go to the doctor, whereas now, they have no choice but to pay for health care. These photographs represent how health care has changed over time to be more controlling of the American people. In the older days, people who could afford it went to the doctor, but today, anybody can go see the doctor, because those who have money are controlled by the government, and must pay for health care. Propaganda Manages Society add description Today as well as in the past, America has shown signs of propaganda managing society. These posters represent this today, because the government makes what they want to look good, look great to its citizens, so they will want what the government wants them to want. The posters from World Wars make the idea of participating in the war as the patriotic and right thing to do. Also, propaganda manages much of the presidential, and other, elections, because it may change someone's view just by showing a picture, word, or phrase that may be pleasing to the viewer. In today's society, many Americans are afraid to upset the power of outside countries, and would prefer isolationism, because of their fear of terrorist attacks and other such dangers. In some cases, the government plants and sometimes creates these fears in order to make the people fear the outside world and depend on them more. The photographs represent attacks made on the American people that ignited fear of the outside world, and these particular incidents kept that fear deep-rooted and continuous. The Wall Street Bombing Terrorist Attack
on Twin Towers - 9/11 Citizens Conform and Shun
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