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Copyright Laws

Ippolito Period 3 Government

Taylor Jolliff

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Copyright Laws

Copyright Laws Taylor Jolliff
Period 3 What is a Copyright? It is the exclusive right, given to an originator or assignee, to print, publish, perform, film or record literary artistic work What Rights Does One Have With a Copyright? Advertising Adapting Electronic Formatting Publicly Communicating Publishing Performing in Public Broadcasting Translating Reproducing Displaying How Does One Own a Copyright? One must register his/her work in order to be protected. When registered, a certificate will be awarded as proof of ownership How Long Does a Copyright Last? A Copyright lasts for life plus seventy years Meaning, seventy years after the copyright owner's death, the copyright then becomes a part of public domain Why Should I Own a Copyright? Owning a Copyright gives you credit for your work and protects you from having others try to take credit for something you worked hard to create How Much Does it Cost to Own a Copyright? Registration is about $35 - $65, depending on the method used for registration If one would like expedited processing there is a $760 fee How Long Does the Registration Process Take? It takes anywhere from 9 weeks to 22 weeks for processing, plus an additional 4-6 weeks for mailing When Do I Have to Renew
My Copyright? You do not have to renew your copyright. Your successor must renew the copyright seventy years after your death Is My Copyright Valid in
Other Countries? The United States has copyright relations with most of the countries throughout the world. However, the United States does not have these relations with every country, so some countries may reject your copyright What is the Difference Between a Copyright and a Patent / Trademark? A trademark provides an individualized right to use a distinctive mark, sound, color, word, design, etc, to indicate a particular source and quality of branded goods and services What is a "Poor Man's" Copyright? It is a method of using the United States Postal Service as a dating service. The 'owner' sends themselves an original copy through the mail so there is an official date of ownership on the sealed package showing they were the first to have said product. How Do I Get Permission to Use Another Person's Copyright? You can simply ask for it. If you know the owner personally, you can just ask them. If you do not know them personally, you can contact the United States Copyright Office and ask them to conduct a search through their records How Can I Find Out Who Owns a Copyright? You must contact the United States Copyright Office and they will do the research for you at the cost of $165 for each our, with a two hour minimum What is Copyright Infringement? A violation of the rights secured by a copyright How and Why Does One Commit Copyright Infringement? They believe that their theft is not harmful and that they are only 'borrowing' your work How Does One Get Charged With Copyright Infringement? What are the Consequences
of Copyright Infringement? The owner has the legal right to sue the criminal for actual damages and the loss of profits they have caused.
They are entitled to an upwards of $150,000 The owner of the copyright, or anyone who has viable evidence you are not the owner of said copyright, can report you to the United States Copyright Office and they will send you a notice of Copyright Infringement What are Royalties? Usage - based payments given to the owner of the copyright as a 'thank you' for the usage of their product How Does One Collect a Royalty? Licensing agreements are made when the owner grants permission for use Does One Automatically Receive Royalties? No. Royalties are on an agreement basis. Meaning, if no one wants to use your product, you will not receive royalties ©
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