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Golds gym

No description

juan garcia

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Golds gym

Golds Gym I career shadowed my Brother at golds Gym Where he wors as a personal trainer Golds gym serves as a place where People can workout and keep in shape. People throughout history wlays fell horrible of how ther body looks. fintess never has an off busines day . This comapny will continue to grow and will be in a good financial psoition in 10 to 15 years Many empoyibility skills are still applied in work place . Unforms are mandtory a lunch scedule is at 12 noon . Tardyness has zero policy and it is advised that you can to the work oplace 10 minutes before your shift begins. A trainer needs an offical traine certificate. to earn this one must have compelted all the basic college science some medical school rrealted to fitness and health. To be a personal you also need a athkletic backround in order to approach the job. Good leadership is also crucial , a good leader can really benefit your work out. A salary or payement of a trainer all depends on what Golds decides you should get paid. The average for trainers that have started is 70 80 dollars every hour that there with there clients , in My brothers case he has 5 clients a day and works 3 days a week. Golds gyms uses computer to keep track of clients . personal traqiners use it to keep a chart of thier clients to record their improvings formn begining to end. The best part of being a personal trainer Is that you are sorounded by a healthy life style and you are doing what you love. And sieng improvements with your clients. However the worst part of this job is to see a client be lazy and leave. I would consider this job as a personal trainer
This career seems intersnting always facin new
obstacles and and challenges. I dislike the Fact that you may reicieve regular excuses from your clients and make you feel like you havent been very engouraging or maybe there just lazy. You will still be paid but having people quit on you always sucks The part i enjoyed best You can share your knowledge of personal fitness with the world and truly make a diffrence. The End (Fin)
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