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1.04 Service Project

No description

Dayane Ghorayeb

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of 1.04 Service Project

1.04 Service Project

Questions and Reflections

What did you do for your service action? When did you do it? What were your specific role and action steps?
For my service action, I volunteered at a nursing home for a few months. I volunteered over the summer for a few months and a couple of weekends when school started. My action steps were helping out with whatever needed to be done and entertain the seniors by playing games such as bingo.

What did you learn about the issue or problem you chose?
I learned that even though I may be one person, I can accomplish a lot, and put a smile on someone's face. I also learned that I can make a difference in someone's life.

Did you meet new people? How are these people important to your community?
I met many new people and they were very nice. These people are important to my community because they run and take care of a nursing home. They also contribute a lot to the community, such as employing staff to help out at events.

Did the actual service turn out as you expected? Explain.
The service turned out to be better than I expected because I thought I would just go and help out without really getting attached to the people. Instead, I made a lot of new friends and had a very fun time.

Do you feel your action was valuable to the community? Explain why or why not.
I think my action was valuable to the community because I was able to help out the elderly and contribute to the nursing home. I was also able to help out around the nursing home.

Was this service project a true example of fulfilling citizen responsibilities to the community and civic participation? Discuss.
This service project was a true example of fulfilling citizen responsibility because I was able to actively help out the nursing home without expecting something in return. I was also able to participate and enjoy doing it.

What could you do differently in the future to make the service better?
In the future, I could volunteer longer hours and go on trips with them such as the park, the zoo, or even the store.

What do other people, like trusted adults and classmates, think about your project? What have they said to you about it?
Classmates have encouraged me to continue volunteering at the nursing home and have even asked if they could participate there as well. Adults responded enthusiastically, especially my English teacher.

What can you do to help this service project grow and continue?
To help this service project grow and continue, I could get my friends to volunteer as well and create a large party for the elderly, and make them feel appreciated.

In what ways has this service project affected you? Explain your responses.
This service project made me realize that doing a selfless act can bring joy to a person as well. Life isn't always about give and take, it can also be about just giving.

Will you continue with this service experience? Explain why or why not.
I plan on continuing with this service experience because I had a great time volunteering and the seniors were very nice.

What tips would you give to classmates just starting their service projects?
One tip I would definitely give is be courteous and patient with the elderly, and be ready for any situation that might happen.

Rosa (a senior) knitted this for me
My time at the nursing home was amazing. I was able to care for the elderly and have fun at the same time. I passe out cookies from time to time, was active in some outdoor activities with them, and played bingo. This was very meaningful to me because I was able to appreciate all the things that are given to me and for once, I was able to give back to the community. The time I spent at the nursing home will never be forgotten.
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