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Boys Senior Night 2013

No description

Christina Abbott

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Boys Senior Night 2013

Congratulations and Good Luck! SENIORS 2013 Brennen Burns “Next year
I will go to
MSU for mechanical engineering.” Julian
Dicarlo “I’m going to study finance at a four-year college.” Reid Fowler “I’m going to attend Belmont University
and major in
business.” Michael Harding “I will be attending Cornerstone University, majoring in mathematics with a science
minor.” Zach Hubbell “Next year I plan to play Lacrosse in college and study either engineering
or pre-med.” Alex Kozlowski “I hope to go
to West Point,
if not I will
do ROTC at
either MSU or U of M.” Drew Krupka “I plan to go to Kettering University
next year.” Brian Martell Ben McMillan Jacob Smith “ I will be going to LCC for political science” Matt Stiffler “My plan for next year
is to join the U.S. Navy.” Dustin Rice “I plan to attend James Madison at Michigan State
to study international relations with Bryn Williams.” Bryn Williams “My plan for next year is to go to James Madison College with
Dustin at MSU
and study
theory and constitutional democracy.” "I plan to attend either MSU or Michigan Tech." "I'm going to University of Wyoming and majoring in chemical engineering."
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