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Carolis J

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Siddhartha

"Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse Call to Adventure/Action Answering the Call Companions Crossing The Threshold Siddhartha doesn`t feel content with his current life. Meditations and ablutions do not fill his soul with happiness. He is thirsty for answers and wants to join the Samanas to look for the meaning of life--but his father does not give him permission to leave. Siddhartha is motivated by his curiosity and thirst for knowledge, so he waits for his father`s decision for two days, standing in the very same spot. Siddhartha`s friend Govinda, who has been loyal to him since their childhood, leaves home with him. He follows Siddhartha in joining the Samanas but when they encounter the Buddha, the two go their separate ways. Govinda is more comfortable with following a set path while Siddhartha wants to pursue his own. Siddhartha and Govinda both leave behind their traditional Brahmin lives in order to join the sect of the Samanas--a group of ascetics who live in the jungle and abstain from all pleasure. This is the point when their childhood ends, and the journey begins. Hero`s Journey Guide/Mentor Vasudeva (the ferryman) serves as the central mentor in this story and teaches Siddhartha how to listen to the river and learn from it. What he teaches Siddhartha through his patience and silence is that true enlightenment cannot be communicated through words--it must be experienced. Road of Trials Has to persuade his father
After he and Govinda join the Samanas, they both undergo trials of both mental and physical stamina so that they can learn to detach themselves from the illusions of reality
Must part ways with Govinda
Becomes a pleasure seeker and eventually grows miserable when he sees his own stagnation
Flees the city and contemplates suicide
Has to bear the pain of his son leaving him. The Temptress/Goddess The Sacred Marriage What begins as mutual lust slowly develops into love and devotion between Siddhartha and Kamala. Although they never perform any marriage rites or rituals, their relationship over the years grows just as sacred. Leaving her behind is very difficult for Siddhartha. It is only towards the end of his journey that he understands how harmony can be found in the middle path between love and detachment. Entering the Belly of the Whale Siddhartha becomes what he always feared-- no different from the "childlike people" who inhabit the town and pursue pleasure with mindless self-indulgence. He grows used to the many luxuries his wealth affords him and begins to gamble in order to satisfy his boredom. Apotheosis Many citizens of Siddhartha's new town come to him for advice and help.
Later on, even the monks, followers of Buddha look up to him. At the very end of the story, Govinda, a wise monk and an old friend, recognizes him as one who possesses the "radiant smile"--a sign of spiritual transcendence. Rescue from Without At one point Siddhartha feels helpless and begins to believe that since his desires have taken control of him, he must be a lost man. In this dark hour, he even contemplates suicide. He is saved by the perfected word Om, which sooths him, reminding him of his true objective. The concept of Om signifies the unity and perfection of the universe. Master of Two Worlds Siddhartha starts off as an inexperienced though intelligent youth, full of questions and determined to find spiritual meaning and fulfillment. Throughout his journey, he explores many external paths to enlightenment but only finds true understanding when he follows his own intution
--his inner path. By observing how the river both separates and unifies the spiritual world and the world of men, Siddhartha realizes that both must be accepted in balance. In this way he masters two seemingly disparate worlds. When at a crossroads after parting with Govinda, Siddhartha decides to join the world of men. After seeing the beautiful and intelligent courtesan Kamala, he resolves to make himself worthy of her love. She becomes his mistress as well as his teacher and they develop a close bond.
After many years, she bears him a son--though he does not know it for quite some time.
Threshold Guardian Siddhartha`s father can be considered as a threshold guardian, since he`s the only obstacle that stands between Siddhartha and the Samanas. Presentation by: Karolis Jonusas Presentation by: Karolis Jonusas Thank you!
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