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Hitler's secret

No description

Harlan Kadison

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Hitler's secret

Hitler's Secret
exposition continued
the story resumes with Leni, in her home and the door bell rings and the sergeant enters and wants to speak to Leni. her mom is obviously against it but allows it. Leni and the sergeant talk it over and she decides to go.
rising actions
Leni and Otto are dropped into a city in Germany by skydiving and Otto gets stuck in a tree because his parachute gets caught in the branches
takes place in Germany were Otto and Leni were sent to save a nine year old girl named Angelika
Otto: a young german boy who is taken from his school to be trained to be a spy for the british to save a 9 year old girl

Sergeant McPherson: a sergeant in the british military who's priority is to train Otto and Leni to save a 9 year old girl from the germans
Leni: a young English girl who is taken from her home in London to become a spy for the british to save a young girl along side Otto.

Angelika: a 9 year old girl who has been living under very strict german rules in a nun house

Heydrich stork: is Hitler's right hand man and is soon to be known as the most feared man in Germany.
By: William Osbourn
the story started with Otto at his school with his bully. to escape his bully, he climbs a ladder to the roof of a tower in where he jumps of to crash through the roof of the principal's office, and sergeant McPherson takes him to train.
he eventually gets out because Leni pulled her knife out and cut the parachute ropes. they go into town and Leni and Otto split up to go find algelika. Leni find her in a nun house and Leni knocks out a nun with either mixed with chloroform.
Otto and Leni thought they were safe: they escaped, barley,from war -torn Europe and are living as refugees in England. but now the crown has recruited them: great Britain wants them to go back to Germany. as spies! dropped behind enemy lines, Otto and Leni embark on a top-secret operation. code name: wolfsangel. their mission? capture the one person who can defeat the ultimate evil of nazism. will Hitler's final legacy lie in their hands?
rising actions:
Leni takes Angelika to the nearby dock wear Otto is waiting for them in a "borrowed" German boat.they get on the German boat and set sail for the shore where there is a nearby train station.

Heydrich finds Otto's parachute and flight suit with pictures of Leni the military took of her for her false identity.and he gets a call from Muller telling him what he found out, Muller tells him of the train rides they have made and what people have seen. Heydrich tells his troops."send word to all units that we are looking for three: children: a teenage boy and girl, and the child."
Angelika attempts to kill Heydrich by using a grenade trap set by Leni for a "plan B", but Angelika dies within the blast and Otto and Leni are forced to abort the mission and head home for the germans activated "operation Barbarossa"
Adolf Hitler: a former house painter and now commander of the third reich of the german military.
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