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Non-verbal communication

No description

Catherine LT

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Non-verbal communication

by Axelle, Catherine L, Marie-Michelle and Véronique NON-VERBAL COMMUNICATION ! Posture: body language Proxemics: your personal space - Intimate distance

- Personal distance

- Social distance

- Public distance Different level of proxemics The importance of non-verbal communication in life Gest - How to improve your gesture Do not plan a gesture

Use your own gesture

Show your face to the public Examples of gests that differ in other country Different culture = different meaning "Ok" sign


Bite your thumb's nail Facial Expressions What do we mean by facial expressions Examples
Angry: Frowning
Surprised: "Exploding" Face
Disgust: Distorted face All about the eyes GAME!
Can you guess the feeling of the person in the picture ? Physical appearance Touch Different culture = different meanings Asia

Middle East

Other Muslim Cultures References Self-validation theory Posture has a significant affect on our self evaluation of our emotions About the uses of space
according to our inter-relation Introduction Posture: Body language
Proxemics: Your personal space
Facial expressions
Physical Appearance - Paralanguage
Touch http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-UVXYLdD22dE/TVgsxtqquTI/AAAAAAAAACU/TtFWb9SwCnE/s1600/Be-angry.jpg
Youtube : Just go with it youtu. be/6jkPpzXDNYU
Youtube : Grown Ups youtu. be/TKUDRW9EA2c
http://www.livestrong.com/article/231647-the-bodys-posture-its-meaning/ Paralanguage Non-Verbal Communication
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