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Secret Service

Emily Cooper project

Cindy Sheets

on 3 September 2014

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Transcript of Secret Service

To even be considered for being an agent, you must be a U.S. Citizen, be between the ages of 21 and less than 37 at the time of appointment, possess a current valid driver's license, possess visual acuity no worse than 20/60 uncorrected, correctable to 20/20 in each eye. Now if you what to qualify at the GL -7 level you must Possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with superior academic achievement, Superior academic achievement. And that is just two of the many other requirements. Another important one is your grades. Besides your education, your grades but be top notch as well. Because of all of these requirements, most Secret Service agents have advanced degrees and speak multiple languages. 5.9% of agents graduated at Harvard. A lot of people want to be Secret Service agents and they work hard in school and get many degrees but fewer than 1 percent of 15,600 special-agent applicants were selected last year. I would be pretty upset if I tried so hard to get this job and not even one percent got the job!
After a person is qualified to become a Secret Service Agent, it doesn't mean they are an official agent. First they have to go through training. 18
weeks of it in a facility located in Washington D.C.
Attacks On Presidents

When shootings happen, the ability to think fast is critical. One agent protecting Mrs. Kennedy was riding in the car directly behind the Presidential limousine (where Mrs. Kennedy and John F. Kennedy were riding) when the attack began. While the shooting continued, the agent leapt from the running board of the car he was riding on and jumped on to the back of the President's moving car. The secret agents are brave, daring, and good jumpers! The agent took Mrs. Kennedy from the back of the car into the rear seat. Until the car arrived at the hospital, the agent protected the President and the First Lady with his own body. Talk about risky!!! On many different assassination attempts, the Secret Service has been there to protect the Presidents but sometimes they are not successful.
What You Will Learn
By: Emily Cooper
Training Continued
Secret Service agents and officers receive continuous advanced training throughout their careers. So even though they already are an official agent, it doesn't mean they have to stop training. Agents assigned to protective assignments also participate in unique crisis training that shows the agents how to react to"real world" emergency situations.
Secret Service
The History of the
Secret Service

How Protection Works

Responsibility of Being an

What They Wear

Attacks on Presidents


Do you ever wonder why there are always men or women in watching the President? They are constantly talking into an earpiece and checking the surroundings? Do you ever see the people in the dark sunglasses following the President everywhere like a lost puppy? Those people are called Secret Service Agents.
Believe it or not, people were making money in their basements behind locked doors. They were printing hundreds of dollars illegally. It was such a problem that an organization had to be created in order to reduce this. The organization was the Secret Service. It was created on July 5, 1865 in Washington D.C.
Instead of looking for the bad guys, the Secret Service started protecting the good guys, the Presidents.
Congress informally requested
Secret Service Presidential
protection following the
assassination of President
William McKinley.
White House Police
Force placed under
supervision of Secret
Congress passed law
for guard of Mrs.
John F. Kennedy and
her children for two
On October 5, Treasury Police
Force combined into the Secret
Service Uniformed Division.
Protection began for
presidential candidate
(Illinois Senator Barack
Obama) in May.
Most Secret Service agents have certain people assigned to them temporarily such as candidates.
Those agents are called temporary agents. However, the President and First Lady have permanent agents assigned to them. The President's children are protected as well. Former President's children are protected by the Secret Service until age 16 even after their father is not President. Now, Presidents are entitled to a lifetime of protection. President George W. Bush was first President to have protection limited to 10 years after he left the office.
There is more to being a Secret Service Agent than just protecting the President. The agents are sworn to secrecy. They are not allowed to tell anyone about who they are protecting let alone ANY missions or meetings. Along with secrecy, agents have a lot of responsibility and courage. They are told to take a bullet for President or those they are protecting. They are also need to know how to use weapons and find a suspicious figure in the crowd. Former agent Larry D. Newman said, “On my second day on the job as an agent, they put me in the rear seat of the President’s limousine. (Kennedy's) A supervisor on the detail placed a Thompson submachine gun on my lap. I had never seen a Thompson, much less used one.” Secret service agents also are considered human surveillance cameras. They carry out assignments in investigation and protection. Some even protect the President and their family for up to 10 years after the President's term is over.
Sometimes people see agents in uniform at the White House gates. These agents are not assigned to protect the president by following him around. Those agents are members of the Secret Service Uniformed Division. The Uniformed Division is responsible for security at the White House Complex, the vice president's residence, The Department of the Treasury, etc. They manage to do this because as of 2010, the uniformed division has over 1,300 officers. They wear uniforms because their jobs require them to be recognized as police officers. These officers are posted around the White House, the vice president's house, and embassies.
Responsibility of
Being an Agent

The Secret Service assigns code names to the Presidents. Some of them include-

President Code Name

Gerald Ford Passkey

Jimmy Carter Deacon
Ronald Reagan Rawhide
George W. Bush Timberwolf
Bill Clinton Eagle
George H. W. Bush Trailblazer

Barack Obama Renegade
Secret Service agents wear what is appropriate for the occasion. They mainly wear a suit, but they can wear clothing from a tuxedo to a plain T-shirt with blue jeans or beige pants. Many Secret Service Agents do wear reflective sunglasses and an earpiece though. Just like in the movies. They also wear loose jackets to cover their weapons. They wouldn't want to carry a handgun around like it was a lollipop.
Most agents work really hard,
spend weeks at a time on the
road, work up to 20 hours a
day, and earn starting salaries
from $43,964 to $74,891.

This car may look
like a regular police
car but it is not. The
Uniformed Division wants
people to think that it
is. It is a car in disguise.
The Secret Service became responsible for finding even more criminals and law breakers such as mail robbers, smugglers, and land frauds.
Fun Fact
The world of a Secret Service Agent is filled with thrilling adventures and boring duties. They do this only to serve our country and to make sure that our leaders are safe from harm. Even though you can't always see them, the Secret Service Agents really are heroes to our country.


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