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Laszlo Biro:The Invention of the Ballpoint Pen

is cool

Shammah Bangura

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Laszlo Biro:The Invention of the Ballpoint Pen

Laszlo Biro:The Invention of the Ballpoint Pen. Laszlo Jozsef Biro was born on Friday, September 29, 1899 in Budapest, Hungary.In his early life, he worked as a journalist and artist.As he was working,he noticed that ink in newspapers dried quickly so he tried the same ink in his fountain pen, but it didn't flow really good and was also viscous.He worked with his brother, Gyorgy,and he altered the ink.Biro added a tiny rolling ball in its tip. Early Life/Invention Invention Con'd Biro and his brother moved to Argentina, and formed Biro Pens of Argentina and was selling them for $12.50.His invention was patented in Paris on 1938.His first production of the Ballpoint Pen was at Budapest International Fair in 1931. Becoming Millionaires Biro sold patent rights to Frenchmen, Marcel Bich, whose Bic pens made both, Biro and Bich millionaires. Biro's life came to an end on October 24, 1985 at Buenos Aries, Argentina.On the same day, it was Argentina's Inventor's Day, which is on Biro's birthday. Inventor's Day/Death Day/Birthday
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