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The things i've learned


Frank Caccavo

on 28 March 2010

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Transcript of The things i've learned

The Things I have learned in my life
By: Frank caccavo #1: So much for dinner: 1998

My brother, MIke, and I are always goofing off and rough housing. When I was three years old we took it a little too far. We were leaving to go out to eat one day and we starte to wrestle with each other. I wasnt't stronger than he, so he could easily push me. Well, he pushed me down and I got cut on the corner of the treadmill, right under my left eye. I was rushed to the hospital and I needed to get seven stitches. When it happened the pain was unbelivable, it hurt so much. Now I have a small scar to show for it. I learned that if I want to goof off then i better do it outside or just to not do it at all. #2: I didn't do it! This time: Kindergarten year

In my kindergarten year I didn't follow the rules very much. I was always doing something bad, for no reason, which would end up getting me in trouble with my teacher Mrs. Burgur. Mrs. Burgur would then tell my mom, and I would get in more trouble when I got home. I would throw things, be mean, and always get sent to a stupid pink chair in the corner like a timeout corner. I learned to be nicer to people and to not be disrespectful in class because I didn't want to be sent to a pink chair anymore. 3: I think Broke Something: Time: December 27, 2004
When I was younger, my cousin Alex and I decided to do something very stupid. We were going to go down his driveway on bikes and go off a ramp at the bottom. Unfortunately, I did not do this before, my cousin had gone first and he did it with no problem at all. I let go, and started to go down the hill very fast, too fast. I hit the ramp with a lot of speed and went straight off the ramp. I landed on my shoulder and I knew something was wrong. I went inside and my mom had put her hand on my shoulder and actually moved my collar bone, that was now broken. I was sent to the hospital and needed to wear a brace for a few months. I learned to be more careful because I didn’t want to get hurt again, and if I want to do something stupid then I have to make sure it is safe first. 4: Wow, I feel so much lighter: Time: Summer of 2006
I wanted to play football for the Souderton Braves, but I needed to lose weight to do so. So for the whole summer, I trained myself by running very hard to lose weight and get in shape. I lost 25 pounds in more than four weeks and was able to play for my first football season. I learned that it is good to always stay in shape because you will feel better about yourself and have a lot more confidence towards life. I also learned to not give up even when it gets to the toughest point in the journey.
5: No way will I do this: Time: October 1st, 2007
I was out playing with my friends when my mom had called me in. I was in big trouble because the day before I had just broken the broom and attempted to hide it. She found it and told me that I had to rake the whole back yard. This chore was extremely difficult because we didn’t have any really good rakes. After about three hours I finally finished the task. I learned that I shouldn’t hide or run away from my problems, and instead come forth with what I did.
6: Don't worry guys, I'm all better: Time: 7th grade school year
I had a lot of friends in 8th grade but I had only a few that were really close. I had made the football team but started to push away my closest friends because I was concentrating more on football than them. Eventually, my friends didn’t like me anymore and just completely ignored me when I would need them most. I soon realized what was important, and that was them so I was able to get my friends back after football was over. I learned to never forget your real close friends.
7: Sorry, I didn't catch that: Time: 7th grade school year
Throughout the entire year I was being bullied. I was bullied by a kid named Austin Buyer. He was very athletic but was also a jerk and happened to be on my bus as well. He would randomly punch me and say verbal comments that were unnecessary. Towards the end of the year he started to call me names again so I stood up, turned around, and punched him as hard as I could right on his cheek. He looked at me, while his eyes were getting watery, and just sat down and looked out the window. When we got to my bus stop I jumped off with pride. I learned that I have to stand up for myself because no one else will do it for me.
8: I think I can: Time: June 31 (after 7th grade)
I go to the Harleysville pool a lot. I know how to do a lot of tricks and dives off of the diving board. One day I did a flip and landed really hard on my back. It hurt so much I couldn’t stand it so I went out to where my towel was. I saw little kids start to do what I was doing and saw that one of them landed the same way and started to cry. I went to him and told him to take it small, to start off with dives then work your way up to the really hard stuff. I learned that just because I know a lot of stuff or think I can do something better I should make sure I’m setting a good example.
9: Its about time: Time: 8th grade year
I would always have trouble in math class. It would be my fault because instead of working and studying I would hang with friends or just do something else and expect to get an A. I would end up failing and finally understood that it was up to me to make the difference. I would go back to Mrs. Hussar and stay after school to catch up on my math skills. Then before I knew it I pulled my grade up from an F to an A. I learned that I can’t just think that good grades will come to me; I learned that I have to work for everything I want.
10: Yea.. That probably was bad: July 20th (after 8th)
We used to own these scooters that my brother and I would ride down a hill right outside our front yard. My brother Mike and I went down about five times when one time he decided to go down by himself. I thought it would be funny if I jumped in front of him and try to give him a little scare. When I did it I immediately regretted it, he swerved and crashed against the curb. He was rushed to the hospital where we found out that he broke his wrist and needed a cast for a few weeks. I learned to be careful and try not to endanger people close to me.
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