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E Saftey

No description

Charlie Batten

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of E Saftey

E-Safety We are here to talk about Computer and Internet Safety The first rule of internet safety:

DO NOT give away your full name or address but your first name is OK though REMEMBER!
If a site wants your full name, ask an adult if it is safe to do so. Always keep a spare e-mail address, separate from your personal one
to give to websites so they do not send you spam and infect your computer. The second rule of E-Safety Is to never tell any one your passwords Not even your friends or people you trust The third rule is to THE FOURTH RULE IS TO THE FOURTH RULE
IS TO ONLY DOWNLOAD FILES IF YOU KNOW THEY ARE SAFE The fifth rule of internet and computer safety... Never friend anybody on social networking
sites that you do not know. Never meet up up with people
who you met online who you don't know Also, never post pictures of yourself or others if you
would not show your parents them. here is a link to the CEOP website;
CEOP stands for
Protection it is now increasingly important to
protect your facebook profile as
employers will check your profile
when you apply for a job. Now watch these two videos about computer and internet safety... There are options on facebook/twitter where you can hide your posts and only your friends can view them Thank You for watching Any Questions? This is a video aimed at parents to promote
E-Safety This video is aimed at young people
and securing your online profile
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