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Stream Tables

Students will analyze a watershed model in order to explain how human activities impact the quality of a watershed ecosystem.

Jacklyn Mello

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Stream Tables

April 19, 2010 Drill: Do you think streams are important? Explain why or why not. Table of Contents:
April 19 - Stream Table

Homework: None
Objective: Students will analyze a stream table demonstration in order to describe how some changes to the surface of the Earth are caused by water. Your teacher has set up 2 stream tables at 2 different elevations. Backgound Information: What's so special about streams? We are modeling erosion and deposition. 1 min. = hundreds years
5 min. = thousands of years Shape the Earth's surface Streams drain the land Serve as a water supply. Provide recreation for us. Streams are essential to many living organisms. CUC procedures 1 and 2 Possible Features you may observe Class Discussion Analysis Waterfall
stream load
v-shaped valley
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