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Colin Heichman

on 8 September 2010

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Transcript of All-Hands

How to Have an All Hands Within our Own Buildings ...or: "Look Ma! No Hotel Bill!" 1003A/B BTA Server Room 318 This was purchased for $20,000 a few years ago
so that we could stream the all-hands meetings
to remote locations. Since then it has been used
to stream a single meeting...though it's also been
used infrequently as a "Polycom TiVo", recording
VTC events for replay. Director's Conference
Room We can stream from the server room
to any conference room on the LAN.
The streaming server can handle up
to 100 simultaneous streams. Crystal Mall 3 CP5-1020 Crystal Plaza 5 SSC Conference Room
2nd Floor SPAWAR Systems
Center NOLA But, how do the audiences see the slides?
We could print out a copy for everyone,
but that would be wasteful. All of the IT attendants will be in a chat room
to coordinate and work to resolve problems. Items to resolve:
Is there enough cumulative seating in all of the conference rooms to hold everyone?

How will we determine who goes to which room?

We will need to have 2-3 dry runs. Expectations will have to be set.

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