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XMetaL and Oxygen Tutorial

The purpose of this presentation is to go over XMetaL and Oxygen basics.

Jennifer Brown

on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of XMetaL and Oxygen Tutorial

OVERVIEW 1) Fill out a lit request on the SP page for all new or spin docs

2) For all new documents allow 4 weeks of turnaround time

3) You must tell us in writing that you want to release a document to the web, and whether it needs to be Preview or Production Data.

4) You must speak to Marketing after we are done with the job.

5) Packaging information is automatically appended from EMSG TIS: THINGS TO KNOW Data Sheets Types of Docs How to Add a Doc to DZ Table header bleeds: Quick Guide Using Yoda To
Your Advantage Why isn't this showing up on the web? FAQS Graphics When creating a lit request, be sure to fill out the GPN, where you want the path to be in DZ, the device status, the concise description, and the actual RTP date.

If you can't figure out how to update an image, or the document isn't doing exactly what you want it to do, don't waste time on it, send it to me.

You must give us written approval to release a document to the web.

If the document is not showing up on the web the next day, check Yoda and see if the Marketing Status is set to PRE_PROD, if it is, this is a Marketing issue and you need to contact them.

Revisions for Production Data (ACTIVE Marketing Status) data sheets or data manuals on the web, must go through the CMS.

Custom (non-web) documents, and documents that have a later RTP date are automatically a lower priority in our queues.

Moving forward we will be giving you a Word template to use for custom documents.

Orderable part numbers cannot be associated to documents in Yoda, only GPNs can. Things to Remember Oxygen is a new applet that is in beta
testing phase. Lit request Link to DZ: https://ti1.doczone.com/docato-composer/index.do Check internet availability for a device
or literature item Basics For DocZone users, XMetaL is the default XML editing tool. The DocZone wiki provides an extensive guide to use XMetaL. Training is also available through Michelle Stevens. It's a free program that's also more
customizable and efficient than XMetaL. Oxygen is probably the future of XML editing through TI. Create lit number and job number Set up folder and template in DZ Things We Do Things You Do Copy file from source if spin, format from source if new Make any necessary
changes Edit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, TIS guidelines and global authoring requirements Review document and ensure it's OK to be released Configure and publish in DZ, send HTML to web and PDF to FN through truck Turn on necessary flags, send abstract and translation to each team Contact Marketing for
correct folder setup Ensure packaging is
correct through EMSG Data Manuals User Docs App Reports Shorter than Data Manuals
No numbered sections
No TOC or TM Section tags
Datasheetinfo (Stylesheet) TIds,
TechBrief, or POTitlePgOnly Typically longer docs
Uses numbered sections
Uses TOC and TM Section tags
Datasheetinfo (Stylesheet) DMTitlePgOnly, NoCvrNoTitlePg, or POTitlePgOnly
Chapter and Appendix
Requires GenSection elements User guides, TRMs, register maps,
app reports
Abstract is present
Chapter and Appendix
Also uses TOC and TM section tags
DocType is UG, TR, or AR Short in length, provides references
Can be left in Word or put in XML
UserDocInfo (DocType) is AR Overview - Repository - Publications
Find path from Yoda route sheet
Follow path, stop on last level resource
Add folder, give it a name
With folder highlighted, go to: Add XML resource from template/schema
Based on template: /templates/ti_ar (APP REPORT), /templates/ti_dm (DATA MANUAL), /templates/ti_ds (DATA SHEET), /templates/ti_ud (USER DOC)
Click OK, default, check out and edit with XMetaL/ Oxygen Insert break above table element To move a table over from a Word doc: Can only do this in XM
Insert GenTable in XM
Copy table in word document
Highlight table element in XM, right click, yes paste table. Inserting a target: Alt + N if your macros are installed correctly
Only image captions need targets in order to make doc valid.
Add a target to section, table, or image if you want to cross-reference to it How do I find where my image is located in DZ? The gray image Href tag above the image object tells you where it's located:
docato-reference-uri /HVAL/MSA/Power/SWCS095/Images/RTC_Block_Diagram_SWCS095 How do I insert a cross-reference? Insert your cross-reference where you want it
Put your cursor on the section header, table header, or figure caption you want to cross-reference to
Press F12. Why can't I add a condition to a table? Conditions are only allowed in Elec Spec tables Lets you search by lit number or device name
If there are any NOs in the Conditions Met column, it is not on the web.
The last row pertains to marketing, if the marketing status is PRE_PROD, the doc will NOT show up on the web.
If anything else says NO, it is either still in work or a custom document that's not for web. General literature info page Titles: Must be filled out
Title3: Must only be filled out if translation sent
Origination and Revision Dates: DO show up on web
Channel Media Authorizations: If 0, not on web, if 1, is on web
Devices owned/inherited: GPN association
Job - TDS Route Sheet: Detailed info and path to doc in DZ
Package Designator Code/ Pin Count Info: Must match doc
Orderable Addendum, Search Indexing, Pack Materials, and WFScale flags must be set to yes if applicable and doc is going to web. Check the Marketing Status. If set to PRE_PROD, contact Marketing (David Yaeger) and ask him to change the folder status to PREVIEW if pre-release or ACTIVE if released to production. What are the requirements for a CMS request? Must be a Data Sheet or Data Manual
Must have an ACTIVE marketing status
Must be available on the web When can I expect to see this doc on the web? Usually by the next day (after the overnight systems refresh) Why isn't my package and mechanical data appending? I put this lit request in a month ago, why isn't it done? Most likely this is something to do with EMSG, but if it's a WaferScale issue, contact me. We work off of RTP dates, not by date submitted. https://doczone.dal.design.ti.com/index.php/Main_Page http://yoda.sc.ti.com:7777/literate.htm https://sps04.itg.ti.com/sites/tish/hpa/Lists/Literature%20Request%20Form/pending_items.aspx If there are a lot of graphics, use an illustrator
If you just need to make a change to a graphic, use Visio or Designer if you have it.
If you don't have any image editing tools, contact me. Exporting an Image from DZ Find out where the image is located in DZ
Click on the images folder and find the image name
Right click - Info
Underneath Instances, click on the source variant
Click Download at the top and pull it into whatever tool you use (Visio or Designer). Importing an Image to DZ in Designer Ungroup the layers, and make any changes necessary to the image.
Go to your C Drive, and DocZone folder, create a new folder and name it the lit number
In Designer, drop down the DZ menu and select CreateFolders for Graphics
Type the lit number into the box (in your C Drive folder you'll have Images and Archives folder)
Save the file as the original image name from DZ in your images folder.
Then select Add Bounding Box from DZ dropdown menu
Then select Export GIF and EPS
Go to your C Drive, zip the images folder
Select the LIT NUMBER FOLDER (not the images folder) in DZ, and select Add, and upload zipped images
Navigate to the correct folder and click OK to upload
Your image is now updated. Importing an Image to DZ in Visio Make any necessary changes to the image in Visio
Copy the image name, and rename whatever tab the image is sitting on to the image name
Press Alt+ F11
Select File, Import File, Navigate to C:DocZone:Scripts, and open the Visio_DZ.bas file.
Close out of Visual Basic
Create and name your file the lit number in C:DocZone
Press Alt+F8
Select DZ_Export.Create_DZ_dirs and press Run
Then select DZ_Export.Single_DZ_Export
You should have a GIF, an EPS, and a Visio file in your Images folder in C:DocZone
Go to your C Drive, zip the images folderSelect the LIT NUMBER FOLDER (not the images folder) in DZ, and select Add, and upload zipped imagesNavigate to the correct folder and click OK to upload
Your image is now updated.
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