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No description

Shivangi Sahu

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of templates

6th Aniversary Evolution Expertise Team Mantra Our JOB (2006-2012) Success Talent Pride Part of Client Accounting Practice group Formed by merger of
>Public Funds
>Foundation & Endowment
>International Insurance 3E's Excellence Exceptions + - Expertise in operational & service delivery with Excellence in high quality client service by resolving Exceptions. Straight Through Plus 243 clients, both domestic & global
70% of task handled in Bangalore
Bangalore sign off done prior to cilent sign off
currently we audit #13,603 GEM Audit 63 clients, both domestic & global
5500 & GASB now handled
# a/cs 2928 Daily Procedures 20 clients
include fundbrief, Account brief, daily webtools, daily ROR checks & Sherlock MeMbers &Me$$ages Preetham This was my first job & its a great experience with lots of fun &excitement right from the time I have joined NT in May '07.
I have grown both professionally and personally with help of people i have worked with & every1 I have known in my tenure. I am proud to be a part of this great team & privileged to work her with the vibrant people.
I thank each n every1 for their continuous love, support n frndship without which my journey would not have been fruitful. I privilige to be called as an employee of NT. Annu Joined STP in 2010
Special Thanks to all for their continuous support & help Vi$hnu 2 n half years, I have learnt a lot from each individual. Its a wonderful place to work with this team Vinay STP, fun loving, co-operative &friendly team. I will like thank Binoy & some because of the help during my initial journey in STP.
Wish to get more loving & cherishing moments, so that i can share in next anniversary. Lohith Hello STP,
Success tied with progress,Firstly a very happy birthday. To speak about the team with good people around. Its been 9 months since I joined STP & very glad to be with team. I would like to thank each one for their support n co-operation.
Coming together is Beginning
Keeping together is Progress
Working together is Success Chaitra Fun loving Team. Wish every1 all the best. Cant express my feelings in words.Will miss u guys a lot. :) Shigufta Fires cant be made with dead embers, nor can enthusiasm be stirred by spiritless men. Enthusiasm is our daily work lightens effort n turns labor into pleasant task.
-& thats STP for me Arun I joined NT in Aug'10
It had been a great experience in my life that I will cherish through out my life.
To start of my career in such a wonderful team, all young blood who r keen to perform & make a career out for themselves created competition which made me push harder.
At work I felt I was a part of family, all ready to provide helping hand.Fun & laughter r 2 words I will associate to the team. Karthik Do not aim @ achieving 100% all the time, aim for 101%. That 1% will lead you to great heights Thomas Its a great team to be with which will make any new partner comfortable.A team which wil always stay closest to my heart, just wanted to say thanks to below who had made my life easier in the team with regards to work, they r: Ravi, Darshan, Anand, Yogesh & Chaitra Ashwin The people here are co-operative and love to be in this team. Joined STP in Dec'08, it is a nice experience for freshers. I was initially a part of wealth later moved to STP, was not ready to move to STP but the team made me comfortable.
I have learn a lot from Yogesh & Avinash about the process and they have enhanced my knowledge base. Anand too had supported me wenever I approached him. Anand I am really glad to be a part of this team. We all have the ability, the difference is how we use it...... Smitha STP has been a most supporting, fun loving & a fantastic team. Really happy over here.
I wish team a very happy anniversary.
Few words: if opportunity doesn't knock.... build a door. Vinod Joined STP in Oct '10.
" Best team to work"
I would like to thank all teammates for continuous support Nevin 6 years!! Let god shower all his blessings for another straight 100 years.....
Thank u all for your help n support n keep up the spirit. Monisha S- sincere @ work
T- team spirit could be found in each one of the team member.
P- perfection in terms of work n enjoyment as a whole. Vishal STP- Silly Team Permanently Hemanth STP-
Spry (Full of life)
Proficient(skilled) Prathap Some meetings will create memories, some meetings will create new beginning.
When I left my college, I created sweet memories & when i joined STP...it created a sweet beginning Rakesh I completed 6 months n my experience is great, team members r vry friendly n co-operative.All seniors r really helpful n have great knowledge. its great team which maintains the work- life balance by lowering stress. Happy to be the part of this team. Lillyputttt Our Boss Mohammad Kabeer (Section Manager) Anand R. (Team Leader) Yogesh N (Team Leader) Thank U !
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