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AIDS Epidemic

No description

houston guerra

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of AIDS Epidemic

In the earliest development of the aids epidemic the government was not really trying to find it out it was called gay cancer and only gays were getting it so the gov didn't care. It wasn't until gay people were fight back when the people final addressed the issue.
Gay Cancer
When aids was discovered to be a retro virus the government still wasn't ready to check the blood supply seance the test was only about 80% accurate. The government was not ready to spend all that money on a test that wasn't 100% accurate.
Also people were not sure who found the aids virus.
And the french didn't like how they didn't get any credit and threatened to sue and with a law suit.
If there was a law suit Who knows how long it would take to progress to testing and treatment.
AIDS Found
AIDS is the final stage of HIV.
HIV is A disease that attacks the bodies T-cells that help fight off infections. When you first get HIV you have symptoms like the flu or a common cold then it just gets worst.
Once you get AIDS your immune system is most likely destroyed and have a very low amount of T-cells. Your body is so vulnerably that you can grow fungi on your body and break out in skin sores.
Then one by one your organs fail an you pass away.
What Is AIDS
There were gay clubs,baths and theaters were many gay men went and had sex. So AIDS was a spreading like a wildfire but the homosexual community was not convinced it was being passed though sex . Many though that the government was just trying to shut down the bath houses simply because they didn't like gays.
First Action
AIDS Epidemic

Progression Of The AIDS Discovery And Reaction.
Governments reaction
AIDS came out as a gay flu so many people thought you had to be gay to get the virus most media still called it gay cancer. I believe that's why AIDS is still a issue because people are scared of looking gay.
peoples reaction to AIDS
People Who had AIDS were looked at like they had a disability and some there even fired from they jobs, like the famous movie Philadelphia when the lawyer is fired for having AIDS. Other were even looked down on by society.
I believe if AIDS wasn't looked at as a gay cancer in the first place people would be much more open to treatment. But the media made it look like something only gays could get when really it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Even today people who have AIDS rather die with the secret then be looked at as gay.
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