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Lindy Hop!

No description

Teodora Kaltcheva

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Lindy Hop!

Dance of the Harlem Renaissance Hellzapoppin Lindy Hop Mix of African and European
dance elements Harlem's dancehalls What is it? Ragtime Jazz Charleston The Savoy Ballroom Most popular dance
venue in Harlem Managed by
Charles Buchanan "Battle of the Bands" and
dance concerts Early Innovators Integrated dance venue Frankie Manning "Shorty" George Snowden Whitey's Lindy Hoppers Criticism “The lindy-hoppers at the Savoy even began to practice acrobatic routines, and to do absurd things for the entertainment of whites, that probably never would have entered their heads to attempt merely for their own effortless amusement. Some of the lindy-hoppers had cards printed with their names on them and became dance professors teaching the tourists. Then Harlem nights became show nights for the Nordics.” Herbert "Whitey" White Founded in 1935 World tours at the hottest venues in Europe, Australia, and U.S. Queen of England Films Working class Influence on Culture Have you heard of the Lindy Hop?
What images does it bring to mind? Q: Do you think the commercialization of dance took away from the power of the art form or allowed it to contribute more? Music
musicians and dancers interacted in the night clubs and influenced each other-Duke Ellington, others. Connection between social dance and dance theater/concert
Some argue that Shuffle Along started the popularity of the Charleston, Lindy Hop and other Jazz dances.
The Charleston and the Black Bottom each had their own musicals.
Josephine Baker became a mega star in Europe, often performing the Charleston and Black Bottom.

Began staging productions at the same time
Popularity of Lindy Hop and others at least allowed them to be able to stage these productions
Hemsley Winfield, Negro Art Theatre Dance Group in Harlem
Hampton Dance Group
Asadata Darfora
Katherine Dunham
Alvin Ailey Black pioneers of modern dance Hemsley Winsfield and Edna Guy Asadata Darfora Katherine Dunham Alvin Ailey Life magazine, 1942
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