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Creating A Visual Aid

No description

Melinda Richard

on 6 March 2015

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Transcript of Creating A Visual Aid

What to Include
What's the Purpose?
Check List for Your Visual Aid
- A title slide with the name of your topic
- Your thesis statement
- Your subtopics (one slide for each paragraph)
- Your evidence (with MLA in-text citations)
- Bibliography (with MLA citations)
I would recommend making each paragraph into a slide.

Your subtopic would be the title of your slide.

Your sentences and evidence will become the bullet points. You do not need to use complete sentences, but you can if you want to.
Presentations will be Thurs 3/12 and Friday 3/13
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Options for Your Visual Aid
You may create a PowerPoint Presentation for your visual aid. Make sure that you include all of the necessary information.
Creating A Visual Aid
I recommend this ONLY for my tech-savvy people.

Go to Prezi.com and create a free account. You will need an email address to create an account.

You will need to send me the link to your Prezi (mrichard@olqhs.org).
You may create a poster.

Your poster must have all of the required information on it. You may store the poster in my room the day of the presentation.

You may use whatever brand and color poster you want. It can be a tri-fold or a regular poster board. If you choose to a poster, I would like to keep it as classroom decorations.
- You will be presenting your paper through a visual aid to the class
- Think of yourself as the teacher- you will be teaching the class about your topic.
You will be graded on the following aspects of your presentation:
- Ability to present your topic, claims, and evidence
(10 points)
- Making eye contact with your audience and having adequate volume and clear pronunciation
(10 points)
- Using clear and concise wording
(10 points)
- Inclusion of a visual aid to help clarify your points
(10 points)
- Ability to answer questions from classmates about topic
(10 points)
**You will receive a bonus point if you include at least one picture relating to your topic**
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