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JMUN at Kültür

No description

Francis van der Hoeven

on 23 December 2013

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Transcript of JMUN at Kültür

Junior Model United
Nations at Kültür Schools

You have to dress up for a conference!
Diplmomats need to make a good impression.
New York
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
Learning about the world...
... by researching ...
is interested in learning about other countries
wants to help solve real problems in the world
enjoys meeting and working with new people
tries to speak English well
works hard
asks questions
is good at cooperating
In MUN, you pretend to represent a country in the United Nations.

You work with other representatives to think of solutions to real problems in the world.

You have to learn to think like a person from another country.
How does the United Nations Organization work?

What groups and agencies are in the UN?

How do people speak to each other at the UN? What rules are there about speaking?
What country am I going to represent?

What are people in that country like?

Are their ideas different than mine?

How can I learn about that country?
What problems are there in the world?

Why do those problems exist?

How have people, organizations and countries tried to solve those problems?

What can the United Nations and its members do to help?
What would the people and governments in my pretend country think of these ideas?

Would they agree or disagree?
Some people won't agree with my country's ideas.

How will I convince them? What arguments will I use?
Informal debate
in the environment committee
At the
... meet informally with other delegates.

Share your ideas! Get people to join you.

These are formal suggestions of what the UN can do to solve the problems.
Look for problems in resolutions. Explain your ideas. Make the resolutions even better.

Argue your positions!
learning about and seeing new places
learning about, meeting and working with new people
learning about and solving real world problems
having an awesome conference!
Join JMUN. (We have cookies.)
About the UN
About the country
Planning for Debate
Thinking like somebody else
... and by meeting up with people from other schools and other countries ...
Times Square
Central Park and the
Museum of Natural History

Wall Street, Washington Park and Harbour Boat Tour
Opening ceremony at the
United Nations headquarters

Top of the Rock...
30 Rock!

Empire State
Building at night

Conference in the
Grand Hyatt Hotel

Heading home
Would you like to join us
in New York
for the April 2014 MUN conference?
1. Are you a member of
the JMUN club?
You can join this week.
2. Can you come to club lessons and to after-school meetings?
3. Do you have a high level of English?
How high?
You should have "honours" or "distinction" in KET or a "pass" in PET.
You might find a way to show that you are working on improving your English.
You can still attend the conferences in İIstanbul.
4. Have you been to an MUN conference before?
You will need to attend the HEV Schools conference in November.
Sign up this week!
5. Can you find about $2500 US to cover the cost of the trip?
you can come to New York in April 2014!
This might not be a great club for you.
As long as you keep up a good academic and behaviour record,
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