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No description

Jenny Phonsongkham

on 25 June 2014

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Transcript of Introduction.

The culture here at GPA is very important because that's the point of this school. We have to follow ALL of the rules no matter how difficult it may be.
What is culture ?
Culture is basically 2 things. It can mean religion. But, here at GPA culture means to respect one another and to follow and participate in things that you have to be doing.
What does space science usually do ?
Space science has come to be regarded as a division of broader space science. It is just basically space full of other planets such as galaxies.
Space science #2.
- This prezi is going to be about my experiences.
- how my experience was in middle school.
- And how the culture is at Gompers Preparatory Academy.

earth is a huge round planet that
has a lot of water.
What does earth do ?
Earth rotates around especially when the galaxy rotates.
Why is earth full of water ?
Earth is full of water because its supposed to be an earth planet ( I guess) that's why it's filled with a whole bunch of water.
Space science.
Space science is a study of everything in outer space. This was sometimes called Astronomy.
And finally, the last thing I know is that.. Space science is very cold, dark and dull.
- In my middle school experience, I realized that life gets harder and harder. Especially now that I'm about to go to high school. I know that it going to be really difficult for me.
- My most favorite thing about middle school was making new friends that I never knew before.
- And lastly, my last final thing that was really fun and great about middle school was participating in fun activities.
(I couldn't make 3 slides for the middle school one because I don't know how. I hope that you liked it!) (: DONEE !!
Middle school.
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