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Fashion trends in the 1800-1850's

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Kristina Silva

on 7 September 2010

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Transcript of Fashion trends in the 1800-1850's

Fashion trends in the 1800-1850's Female's Fashion

Inappropriate to wear dresses above the knee
High-waisted Empire dresses: closely fitted to the torso were what most wore
Women usually had different dresses for the different times of the day
Fashions made women look like statuses of Greek goddesses
Long gloves passed the elbows
Sleeves had patted puffs
Crinoline skirt
Chemise: a woman's one piece undergarment
Corset: women wore to give shape to waist or hips.
Petticoat: a skirt worn under a dress
In mid 1850's hoops became popular to wear. Male's Fashion

Knee-length breeches over stockings
Tail coats, high over breeches
Collars turned up
Dark red was a very popular color in men’s clothing
Similar red coats worn by soldiers
Waist coats that were squared off at the bottom
Accessories for women

Accessories for men Fads
Empire Dresses
Waist coats
Braids / berets
Lawn Fabric- used by upper class women. Mostly for evening dresses.

Wool-used for winter. Took coat of fur from sheep in the spring.

Leather- readily available(deer and cow)

Linen- used as light summer material.

Buckskin- Leather from deer hide. used for jackets, boots and pants.

Shoe Fashions
Cathrine boots
Steeple boots
The first rubber-soled shoes, called plimsolls, were manufactured.
Division of the U.S. Rubber Company, begins to manufacture rubber and canvas shoes under different names, finally settling on Keds as the best name.

In the 19th century there weren't many designers like we have now. They had industrial businesses and a lot of women sewed their own clothes. One of the most important mills that were used to make clothes was the cotton mill.
ROYALTY had a big impact on the styles women and men wore. As soon as the queen wore something new it very quickly became the new style, spreading all the way to America.
Women usually wore bonnets and braids in their hair,which was considered the fancy era for them and for men, they wore top hats. Bibliography
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The Hoops Dress Shoes
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