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Collage Informative Speech

No description

Kaitlyn Jeffery

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Collage Informative Speech

College Informative Speech
Neonatal Nurse
I would like to be a neonatal nurse because:
I like to work with baby's
I would like to make a difference in family's lives.
Being able to help to bring a life into this world would be an amazing thing.
What type of degree?
Associates of Science in Nursing
Bachelors of Science in Nursing
Additional Certificates:
Some country's or institutions require you to be a midwife.
Where is it located?
UW is located in Seattle, Washington.
Local attractions include:
Sylvan Grove Theater
Rat City Rollerblading
Local Cafes
Hiking the beautiful land of Washington
Works Cited
University of Washington
Kaitlyn Jeffery
How Long Will It Take?
You need a bachelor's degree to become a neonatal nurse. Nursing degrees are designed to take four years, but you'll have to take a full course load every semester in order to finish on time.
Your school may require you to complete an internship, and most state licensing boards require that you complete a certain number of hands-on clinical hours supervised by a registered nurse. Overall, it takes about 5-7 years.
How Much Will It Cost?
Cost per hour? $1,097
Cost per class? $3,252
Cost per semester? $10,658
Out of state tuition fees is almost double then in state.
Facts about the University of Washington
First public university on the West Coast (founded in 1861)
The UW attracts more federal research money than any public or private university in the nation, save Johns Hopkins. It has produced more than 200 spin-off business, from ultrasound imaging to computer animation
Includes 140 majors, 90 minors, and 1800 classes offered quarter
Why is this the best college for me?
1, The campus and land around the campus is so beautiful
2, University of Washington is a cutting-edge research university with a long-standing history as one of the oldest public institutions on the West Coast.,
3, The college is very student oriented and wants the best for the students.
4, University of Washington's is ranked 52 according to the 2014 edition of Best Colleges is National Universities.
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