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No description

Hằng Nga

on 5 October 2015

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Transcript of SMART PARKING

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
1. Introduction
2. About "Smart Parking"
3. Opportunities evaluation
3.1 Market demand
3.2 Market size
4. Comparative advantage
5. Problems and Solutions
6. Financial analysis and marketing

No space for motobike
Illegible fingerprints
Shooting by cameras to save the picture of customers faces and number plates of vehicle owners
5. Problems and Solutions
2. About "Smart Parking"
Team 6
1. Đặng Nguyễn Trà My
2. Vũ Hằng Nga
3. Nguyễn Thu Hà
4. Khắc Tuấn Linh
5. Nguyễn Anh Tuấn
6. Phạm Thu Thảo
3. Opportunities evaluation

3.1 Market demand
3.2 Market size
-Vietnam government has to decrease the tax with import car in 2016

=> Demand to buy a car increase

=>Demand to need more car parking

- Old parkings take long time to get your car
-Focus on customers who own a car
as a main vehicle

-Customers who live in apartments
or areas without car parking
4. Comparative advantages
- Resolve land issues
- To ensure absolute safety and convenience
- Short parking time and avoid congestion
- Reduce the number of employees, reduce errors
- No errors in price
Special Features
Fingerprint technology
=> must not worry about losing parking tickets
App "
Find Smart Parking
" on smartphones
=> help drivers find "Smart Parking" quickly
6. Financial analysis
Infrastructure expenditure: 100.000.000 vnd
Expenditure for equipment : 80.000.000
Fare for a one-time : 40.000 vnd
Fare for 1 month : 1.000.000 vnd
Cost estimation
The competition from another car parking companies
Fingerprint technology, App "Find SP" and payment through ATM
=> may cause difficult for old and low-tech people
Guiding board in front of Smart Parking

Thank you for your listening!!!
Running Process
Easy to operate using the fingerprint technology
Available in various configurations and sizes to accomodate 4 to 16 cars
TV Advertising
Long service life of over 15 years
Low running costs and low power consumption.
Quick Installation (3-5 days) and SP can be relocated.
Expandable up to 8 times of parking capacity
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