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East Africa Tour

Geography Final

Katie Davis

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of East Africa Tour

East African Tours Our plane will depart at 7 am in Austin and after a 30 hour flight we will land in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia at 7:30 pm. Addis Ababa is the capital city and is the largest city in Ethiopia. Here we will be staying the night in a 4 star hotel, before leaving the next morning. We will board the charter bus again the morning after staying with the Desta family to travel 2 hours to Arba Mintch to see the effects of deforestation. Ethiopians have destroyed 95% of their once lush tropical forests. Arba Mintch, Ethiopia We will take a plane from Arba Mintch to Entebbe, where we will stay two nights, then we will take a day trip from Entebbe to Kasubi to visit the Tombs of Buganda Kings. Kasubi, Uganda Mukono, Uganda Join us for a 10 day trip as we discover the adventure and history across East Africa for only $7,381! For our last stop on this tour we will be going to Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park. Mt. Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcanic mountain and is the tallest free standing mountain in the world.
We will then proceed to Moshi where we will leave Africa out of Kilimanjaro airport. Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Sodo, Ethiopia Masai Mara, Kenya We will be taking a charter bus from the hotel in Addis Ababa to Sodo where we will stay with the Desta family. While we are there they will show us their home, tell us about what Ethiopian life is like and feed us traditional ethiopian food. Lack of education is a big problem in Uganda so we will take a day trip from Entebbe to Mukono to work with Campus Compact to help build a school. After building a school we will be flying to Masai Mara from Mukono to go on a four day safari. Where we will discover the animals of East Africa. Addis Ababa skyline Desta family Forests of East Africa now Tombs of Buganda Kings museum People volunteer to help build schools. People volunteer to help build schools. Group watches lions on a safari trip Masai Mara National Reserve Mt. Kilimanjaro
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