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Sea Story

No description

Maya Gagne

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Sea Story

Aesthetic Judgment Project
By Maya Gagne Presenting: Sea Story Like life, on the surface, the ocean is calm and perfect. But the sea is like life. On the inside, the sea remains complicated and thunderous. -A.S. Byatt launches a series of stories inspired by water with Sea Story, a tale of love and environmental disaster.
-Harold grows up around the sea, and experiences life with interaction with the ocean.
-His wife drowns but eventually he accepts it.

-She has an overlooking, seaside, French chateau.
-"I think of writing simply in terms of pleasure. It's the most important thing in my life, making things."
-Anti-Christian, but fascinated with Quakers. "Sea Story" reiterates the emotional feeling of being comfortable with oneself, a feeling A.S. Byatt has reflected on in her own life. A.S. Byatt A woman of aesthetic
appreciation "Sea Story" follows the story of the appreciation of life through the metaphor of the still, but complicated sea. Byatt adorns her over-looking sea house, with rich, artistic vibe, and vast paintings of oceanic scenery. Her love of the ocean can be seen in "Sea Story," through the complex descriptions of how the sea looks "deep, with currents full of warm waters and chilly atmosphere." Harold learns that, like the waves, life has its ups and downs, like the falling of a wave's crest, then rises again with the addition of more water. The water represents the interactions in life. Though life may have it's ups and downs, "Sea Story" emphasizes the point that everything will return to normal sometime. A.S. Byatt finds life to be aesthetically pleasing. Through "Sea Story," she glorifies the struggles a person must encounter, making them stronger as an individual. Nature, and the ocean in particular, is beautiful. Life is complicated, as the course of mother nature tends to be. The ambiguity makes it especially beautiful. Instead of suffering from the downs and darkness in life, one should learn from them, combining them with their own built up strength. Only when they have done that, can a person look at themselves in the mirror, and truly see beauty. They see the beauty of themselves. Once you allow yourself to fall, you can allow yourself to soar with the birds.
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