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Marleen´s holiday

No description

thames thames

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of Marleen´s holiday

Marleen´s holiday
On Tuesday evening there was a Nightshow on one of the slopes. Everyone was freezing cold outside but we could see it from our bedroom window!
After the 8 hour exhausting drive, we parked our car outside apart Austria. A man from the reception took us to our apartment and showed us around. There were 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms and one kitchen.
The 1st day
Me and my sister woke up at 7:30 to buy fresh bread from the bakery to eat at breakfast. We walked to the apartment and had a long breakfast not to get hungry up on the slopes. After breakfast we put our ski clothes on, carried the skis with us to the ski lift and went up. It took 20 minutes to get up on the slopes. We skied the whole day without a stop.
On Wednesday my aunt and her family came to ski with us. They live in Austria so it's easy for them to come. We had loads of fun!
On Friday evening me and my dad went sledging down the slopes, it was a bit scary but at the same time fun. It was seven km long!
I went to Ischgl (a small town in Austria) to ski during the holiday. We go there every year. We drove there by car, we picked my sister up in Salzburg and then drove to Ischgl. It took us 8 hours to get there from Budapest. Including a stop to eat.
Arriving in Ischgl
The next coming days we had the same routine everyday: breakfast, up to the slopes, lunch at Idalp and so on.
When we woke up, it was it was time to drive home to Budapest. We packed our clothes and walked to the car. We drove and drove until we arrived home.
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