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Discrimination of Women in the Workplace

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Daniela Pereira

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Discrimination of Women in the Workplace

Discrimination of Women in the Workplace
Gender Wage Gap
Video Case Study: Undercover Boss: Hooters
Although the wage gap is justified because of things like time off of work for a pregnancy, under
the Canadian Human Rights Act
women cannot be discriminated against in any aspect of employment because of a pregnancy
Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms
states, “Every individual is equal before and under the law and has the right to the equal protection and equal benefit of the law without discrimination and, in particular, without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, age or mental or physical disability
Any form of discrimination is also prohibited under
the Ontario Human Rights Code
By raising awareness the students will be able to encourage, enforce and improve the consequences regarding discrimination in the work place
If teens understand of the importance of equality, by the time they enter the workplace, they will be willing to make the necessary improvements to better our society.
With the knowledge they have from these seminars, they will realize that we cannot keep allowing people to discriminate against others without punishing them for their actions
Once they reach the workforce, they will encourage their fellow co-workers to be kind and respectful towards each others, they will enforce the rules in a more effective way once they are the employers in charge, and they will also be the ones improving the consequences by putting harsher punishments in place for human rights offenders
Benefit: Women will understand and practice their rights
What is Problem?
Case study:
Women only gain on average 70.4% of what men earn- a percentage lower than in the 1990's.
The government justifies the gender wage difference with reasons including multiple maternity leaves, and having to meet care-giving responsibilities (i.e. taking time off work to care for disabled or sick children).
Women have been discriminated in the workplace through harassment, inequality-being paid less, and by not being taking seriously within their jobs.
Canadian women have been struggling to have their voices heard by their employers and the government.
because of issues like gender wages, or government discriminates and contradicts their own set standards.
employers also dismiss the discrimination of women, which makes it difficult to seek assistance in battling the issue.

In 2011 Denise Robinson was a RCMP officer who was discriminated and harassed by a fellow, male co-worker
He came to her residence while she was off duty and he sexually assaulted her
Her commanding officer did nothing to help her and claimed that it was not their responsibility because she was off-duty at the time
She was was forced on to a medical leave, without pay, and was kicked out of her police residency
Robinson stated: "This [police] force who I put my life on the line for every day, who I swore to protect and serve every day, had no interest in helping me”
How do you feel about the way this man was treating his female employees?
How do the
in this room feel about this type of discrimination?
What would you have done about this problem if you were the CEO?
Do you feel that he should have gotten a harsher punishment?
What Has Been Done to Prevent Discrimination?
Our solution to the problem is to raise awareness through seminars
These seminars would take place in high schools across Canada for students just before the legal age to start a job (15) so they are knowledgeable about women's rights before they enter the workplace.
Run by the provincial government because each province has a different human rights code that they must abide by (ex. The Ontario Human Rights Code)
These seminars would also include guest speakers with personal stories of discrimination against women that they have dealt with (ex. Denise Robinson)
Through these seminars the students will learn their rights, promote equality in their generation, and learn how to prevent female discrimination in the workplace.
Benefits: Promotes Equality:
Seminars will demonstrate the unfairness within our society regarding the issue. Through the exploitation of the unfairness within our society, the students will realize the respect that women deserve.
By understanding the importance of respecting women, the students will refrain from following society's example in regard to the mistreatment of women.
By promoting equality there will be less conflict within our society.(ex. less lawsuits on discrimination and less resentment(emotional toll that is put on the person)
By emphasizing the importance of accepting and respecting one another equally, the students are being re-socialized to promote an improved and just society.
Because the students become more informed of their rights they will have more confidence speak out against the issue.
By becoming informed of their rights women would not be as ignorant to discrimination that occurs. (ex. within the hooters video only the female employees needed to compete to leave earlier, all the employees obeyed the employer instead of standing up for themselves). As a result women will be able to challenge discrimination that occurs, and ultimately stop the discrimination from occurring.
Benefit: Better Consequences
The discrimination of women in the workplace cannot be disregarded. Our society needs to have these Canada wide seminars to emphasize the importance of being accepting, being aware of our rights, and being informed of the consequences. Students’ awareness of their rights will create a more knowledgeable and informed society. By encouraging and improving the consequences of female discrimination in the workplace, our society will understand how the women are affected both emotionally and physically. These seminars need to be established to ensure a safe and accepting environment for women in the workplace.
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