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The Issues that Lead

No description

Felicia Hogan

on 10 August 2014

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Transcript of The Issues that Lead

Doctrine of Human Responsibility
If hormones and brain chemistry alter our personality...then maybe we can be nothing other than what we are.

If that is so, then sin is not our fault.

In which case it would be unjust to punish us and we would not need a savior...
Christianity as an Abusive Relationship
Gender Inequality

Women marry their rapist

Slaves and daughters OFFERED for rape

Women and children killed with their husband/father who sinned

Supposedly "progressive for its time"

Blind Support of Israel
Do they deserve our support or do we support them out of FEAR of what god might do if we don't?

Are they acting justly? Are they truly victims?
Sacredness of Marriage
Can't even find that phrase in the Bible

Women marry their rapists



People married so young then!
Infallibility of the Cannon
Cannon was put together by HUMANS presumably with HUMAN motives

Many scripts of that time thrown out and are never discussed in Christian communities

"The eye witness accounts agree!"
Actually, many of the accounts do NOT AGREE
-Virgin birth

-Resurrection story

-Son of God or Man

"Christian" is Meaningless in Modern American Society
The Issues that Led
Me to Abandon Christianity
...Which Leads to a No True Scottsman Issue
Is Jesus the Anti-Christ?
And with as Many Accounts as We Have, How are We Supposed to Know Which Ones to Make a Religion?
Pascal's Wager
Story of Abraham
Revelations is a Very Vague Prophesy
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